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Why artist’s need to believe in themselves

Last week I saw on a friend’s  facebook post that the Freyberger Gallery at Penn State Berks was taking art submissions for a gallery exhibit. They took submissions that Saturday, and were open for one more day, the following Monday, to take in art. It was a juried show, which means, they don’t hang all […]

Do you like your nose? And why it matters.

Do you like your nose? Yes, your nose. It is in the middle of your face and you see it every day when you look in the mirror. Some people have small dainty noses, and other people have noses that are wider and round at the end. Why does it matter if you like your […]

How to find Joy when you run out

When I went to hand-wash my dishes, all three bottles of Joy dishwasher liquid were empty. There was no joy in my house. I had run out of Joy to wash my dishes; I had run out of joy to smile. My friend’s name is Joy. Several years ago I promised to pray for her […]

What would your life be like if you started doing all the things you are afraid to do?

On page 301 of James Altucher’s book Reinvent Yourself, in the section, The 20 things I learned from Larry Paige, James asks the question, “I wonder what my life would be like if I started doing all the things I’m afraid to do.”   The sentence, “I wonder what my life would be like if […]

Anxiety about going to the gym sucks

  On Black Friday I joined the YMCA. There was no joining fee. I have paid for my membership for the past three months and I have not gone once. I don’t like when people look at me. I don’t want to wear the wrong clothes. I have plans to go. Then I don’t go. […]

Is it time to say good-bye to our dog Martha?

  I took Martha to her veterinarian. She has a growth on her stomach and she is having trouble walking with her hind legs. Is it time to say good-bye? When my youngest daughter was two we put our fourteen-year-old dog, Sally to sleep. Her grandmother said to her, “Sally was put to sleep today.” […]

The start of something new with a daily calendar

Today is the first day of the year, the start of something new. A new year. A new day. Planning the year with monthly, weekly and daily calendars. Making lists. Lists of projects to start. Lists of projects to finish. Letters to write. Postcards to design. Books to illustrate. Dogs to walk. Litter boxes to […]

Don’t make your children give hugs

You are holding your toddler in your arms as you walk to the front door. The doorbell has just rung, and you open it to let your parents in. They have just driven hours through snowdrifts to see you and they want to hold their grandchild. But your child has tightened her grip on your arm […]

Burnt peas, self-worth and being kind to yourself

I burnt the peas again. I burnt them three times this morning. The first two times, they were just a little burnt. I dumped the peas out of the pan and tried again. The last time, I burnt the bottom of the pan black. I ate my sardines with no peas. I am worthless. I […]

Dear Grandmother in the store at Target today

Dear Grandmother in the store at Target today, I heard you say to your grandson in the dish soap aisle, “Stop asking me questions.” You were irritated. I could tell by the expression on your face and the tone of your voice. I walked past you. A few minutes later we were in another aisle […]