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Did someone say, “You can’t draw”? They are wrong.

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“This book looks simple but it will kick your butt.”

—Steven Pressfield // Best-selling Author, The War of Art

Be careful how you hold a paper bag full of tomatoes

I was holding the top of the brown paper lunch bag of garden tomatoes with my left hand as I opened the front door.
The bag ripped and the tomatoes fell.

What if Andy Warhol had spent his life trying to improve his D in Trigonometry and never made art?

Andy Warhol got a D in Trigonometry when he graduated from Schenley High School, in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, on June 18th, 1945.

He got an AAAA in Art. D is passing. An A is outstanding. Andy got four A’s. He was outstanding, outstanding, outstanding, outstanding

If Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger, I might lose mine too

If Jimmy Fallon tells you, “Don’t google ring avulsion,” listen to him. Of course I didn’t listen. As soon as I watched the video of him explaining why he was in the ICU for ten days, I googled “ring avulsion.”

Jimmy didn’t tell me why I shouldn’t look. And I hate being told not to do something.

23 truths every victim of child molestation needs to know


Did you find my blog because you searched, “stories of child molestation graphic?” In .34 seconds you were given over three million results on Google. My story is on the top of the list.

How do I know you searched for graphic stories of child molestation? Because you found my blog, and I have a record of what you searched.

There is more than one way to skin a cat or fix a mailbox

My father said, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” And, he was right. There is. You could pull off the skin like a sock, or you could cut down the center line on the stomach with a sharp knife and take off the skin like a coat. There is always more than one […]

be original

Do you ever stare at what someone else made? Do you notice the attention they get? And, you want the attention. You want someone to notice you, you want the applause, the “Good job, Bob.” The, “Come to the front of the classroom and show your drawing Anne.” So, you copy what they did, you […]

Would you pay 15 dollars for a 5 dollar hair-cut?

Yes, I know, I should have asked how much they would charge me to shave the back of my neck. Just because the hair cutting place I usually go to charges me five dollars doesn’t mean everyone else will. I had a few hours free after I dropped my daughter off at an appointment. So why […]

Have you ever felt like a broken sewing machine, a tangled mess of thread?

The sewing machine kept breaking. The thread got caught under the fabric and the needle stopped moving. I followed all of the directions according to the manual. The thread was threaded properly, the needle was new, the bobbin was placed in the bobbin holder with the thread facing the right direction. The sewing machine would sew […]

I am a lying, sneaking, ice-cream eating in secret, mother who yells


Well, maybe I am not a liar. Maybe I didn’t lie. But I never told my children, or my husband, there were Klondike bars in the basement freezer either. I had bought the six count of the Original Klondike bars several weeks ago for my oldest daughter.

And I forgot to tell her, and then she moved out. And then I forgot about the ice-cream bars.

Taking Jeff Goins Potty Train Your Passion Challenge #ptypc

Last weekend I didn’t pick any weeds. The flower beds in the front of the house were neglected because I took up Jeff Goins  Potty Train Your Passion Challenge (#PTYPC). I have to learn a new skill and get paid for it in 48 hours. I will be painting original water color drawings and making prints to […]