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Live boldly, laugh and make art

Flying Home To Canada

Flying from Washington DC to Toronto Ontario,  I crossed the border somewhere in the air.  It was dark outside of my porthole. I wanted to look out and see when I crossed over. See a bold black line delineating the border. When the wheels touched the ground in Canada I thought I would feel something. […]

My First Pair of Glasses

My first pair of glasses were brown plastic. My name was melted into the right temple. I didn’t know I couldn’t see, until I could. The walk from the optometrist to the bus with my mother. My head felt farther away from my feet. I remember my first tree after my glasses on Second Avenue […]

A Glass Of Water to Drink

I know how to encourage other people. ” Believe in yourself. Don’t compare. You only have to draw what you see.”  I even quote Van Gogh to them. “If you hear a voice within you say „you cannot paint“, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” ― Vincent Willem van Gogh But, I compare. […]

I locked my Keys in the car (again)

Yesterday when I was out doing errands with my older daughter I locked my keys in the car. But, ha, I was prepared. I had set up a safety procedure for those times when I am forgetful.  I have a spare key in my purse. I know one day I will probably leave my keys […]

The Notes Hidden in My Sock Drawer

I was not afraid of the slight turbulance when I was in the airplane flying, a small dot between your fingers as you looked into the sky. If the plane had suddenly rushed towards the ground, or a wing had fallen off, I would have kept writing in my journal, or perhaps told the person across […]

The Frogs Have Laid Eggs

Today my youngest daughter and I walked  to the pond to count frogs and to see if we could find Todd.  We found one that looked like Todd, the frog she had caught and released the day before.  Todd was puffing out the loose skin under his chin and crying out for a girlfriend. Timber […]

walking the wrong way

yelling in my head you are walking the wrong way going with the crowd

I don’t need help with my buty

My oldest daughter was trying on a swimsuit. As I waited I walked through the underwear section. At the end of the aisle was Buty Pant. Apparently I may sometimes need a buty. Well, it was suppose to be natural looking, and it did have a contoured form to resemble a curvacous bottom. Some one […]

Today is My Brothers Birthday

My mom and dad had two children. Me, and my older brother. He was one grade  a head of me in school.   We use to live across the hall from each other. I saw him every day. The last time I saw him was six years ago. He has always been my bestest brother, […]

The View From Where I Sit

This is what I see when I write, books and our dog Martha painted by my youngest daughter. These photographs were taken while I was sitting at my desk. You see my room as though you were sitting in my chair. Behind me are footprints of my three children. They were made the day they […]