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Today is My Brothers Birthday

My mom and dad had two children. Me, and my older brother. He was one grade  a head of me in school.   We use to live across the hall from each other. I saw him every day. The last time I saw him was six years ago.

He has always been my bestest brother, and I have been his bestest sister.  For my birthday in 1973, he gave me a full length mirror. Glued to the bottom of the mirror were two silver medallions. To my bestest sister Pam. Love Neal 1973.  When I left home at nineteen, I took the medallions and left the mirror.

I love my brother

Blowing out candles in my mind

missing you today

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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

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  • Andy

    Happy Birthday Neil

    From B.C.


  • Hauntingly beautiful. That medallion is priceless.

  • Love the picture. I sense a closeness that leaves me wondering. Glad you have this precious memory to hold on to.

  • Paul

    1973 was the year I was born here in snowy Edmonton. A tip of the glass to your brother from the northern bank of the North Saskatchewan.

    I love your unpunctuated haikus. I think I may take a shot at that kind of style.

    • Well then, 1973 was a good year. And is an haiku suppose to have punctuation?

  • Your sparse words have created a sense of sadness for this day.

    • Yes, you are so observant. There was sadness.

  • Beautiful. Your brother called you Pam… How interesting since you are Pamela.

    • I went by Pam growing up. And switched to Pamela when I moved to Japan.

  • That is the bestest tribute. Happy Birthday Neal.
    (The link you posted didn’t take me here. I wanted to read what you wrote so I had to come directly to your blog. Please re-post so others can find the way to this.)