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The Notes Hidden in My Sock Drawer

I was not afraid of the slight turbulance when I was in the airplane flying, a small dot between your fingers as you looked into the sky. If the plane had suddenly rushed towards the ground, or a wing had fallen off, I would have kept writing in my journal, or perhaps told the person across the aisle that Jesus loves them.

The comfortable and relaxed manner I imagined I would have did not come just from the knowledge that I would soon be with Jesus.  I was not anxious because I had left notes for my children and husband in my sock drawer.  I did tell my friend Jessica about the notes. I wrote them during the last hour of our shared Comic Book Writing and Drawing class. “How will I know if your plane crashed and I have to tell them about the notes?” she asked.

“Oh, you will hear about it at church. ” I said.  I was flying home to Canada, and I wanted to make sure my family knew I loved them. A last little note from their Mama for my children, and a note to my husband about what I loved about him, and what I wanted him to do.

I flew to Canada and am now safely back home. The notes are still hidden in my sock drawer.

I will read the notes to my children, and make sure they know how much I love them each day, and not just when I think my plane is going down.

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  • “a note to my husband about what I loved about him, and what I wanted him to do” – I love the secret you hint at here, the uniqueness of the note you would write.

  • This is a short piece that says so much. Beautiful.

  • I’m so glad I didn’t need to tell your family about your notes! 🙂 You write so beautifully. Each sentence just flows into the next. There is almost a rhythm to them that can’t be fully described. I’m so glad you are writing!

  • Jama

    I like that. I love that you would want the person across the aisle to know that Jesus loves them.

  • Sweet in so many ways.

  • I think about doing this before I travel too, but I have never actually done it. This is a lovely piece, thank you for writing it.

  • I’ve had some of the same thoughts when I leave on trips but have never thought to leave something behind prior to my trip.
    ” . . . a small dot between your fingers as you looked into the sky,” I loved this line.

    • Thank you elsie for being so faithful to read and comment on my writing. I really appreciate it.