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Digging Out The Roots

I didn’t want any weeds left in my flower beds on Easter Morning. The day before Easter I weeded the front yard, digging deep to get to the roots of the dandelions. I could have just snapped off the heads of the weeds, and the yard would have looked pretty. On the surface, all would seem well, but hidden in the ground were roots that would start to grow another weed.

My life is like the weed with deep roots. I wash my face. I wash my hair and brush my teeth.   I am pressed and ironed, ready to go to church. I look presentable. I look clean. But it is not the dirt smudged on my nose that I should be the most concerned about, but the dirt inside me. Am I holding any grudges? Am I angry at someone? Am I watering seeds of bitterness?

I wrote this story on Sunday. I had meant to finish it yesterday and publish it last night, but I forgot to photograph my weeds, and I didn’t want to post it without the visuals. The need to have everything perfect is another root I am working on digging out of my insides. When I woke up this morning the dark voice from deep inside of me spoke in a whisper. You said you were going to write every day, didn’t you? Well, you missed a day.  You may as well quit now. 

I didn’t quit. I finished my story today. When I dug up the roots of the dandelions I ran water on them for several minutes to soften up the hard packed soil, and then I gently dug up the ground around the plant, and eased out the root.

I will water the deep roots of bitterness, anger and depression with the living water of He who has risen. He will gently restore me.

I am participating in the Weekly Slice Of Life Story Challenge. You can read other writers by clicking here.

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  • grade4wizard

    Honest reflection. It is probably easier to pull the roots of weeds than deeply hidden feelings. I wish you strength.

  • Your post made me think about how I do wash my face and comb my hair everyday but don’t necessarily weed on a daily basis. I love the season of Lent and Easter because it makes me face myself on a daily basis – somehow I need to carry the practices of those seasons into the rest of the year. Writing helps.

    • Yes, writing does help. I don’t think I would be the same today if I hadn’t been writing.

    • Making me face myself. I like how that sounds. Often I don’t even look in the mirror. And writing does help doesn’t it. The words have started to help get out my roots.

  • lee

    This post was worth the wait. Like looking in a mirror.

  • So glad you didn’t give up on your writing practice, that you forgave yourself and came back to the page. I haven’t been here in a while, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been kicking myself about it every night, but realized that, just as I can’t be a perfect blogger (whatever that would be in the moment), I can’t be a perfect commenter, either, and I need to just dive back in, not wait until I have time to read all the posts I’ve missed because that time isn’t going to materialze. How do these roots get so deep and thick?

  • jen

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

  • Those roots are so deep sometimes. Sometimes it is hard to even find them. Yes, yes, yes “I will water the deep roots of bitterness, anger and depression with the living water of He who has risen.” Then the hard packed soil can be softened and the root eased out. What a way to express this struggle. Great comparison of an everyday experience to something much deeper. Thoughtful.

    • Thank you for your comments. Some of the roots are deep, and still hanging in there. Writing every day has helped me not hide in my closet.

  • Such a good comparison of our gardens and our lives. Your writing always makes me think. You have such a piercing way of seeing things, and sharing what you see, both in pictures and in words. I love the way your faith is seen in all you think and do. Thanks for teaching me today how to get the bitter roots out of both my garden and my life.

    • I am grateful that my writing could help you to think about your own life. And I am humbled by your comments. I still have roots of bitterness, anger and depression, but they are not as deep, and the Sun shines more these days in my life.