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Where Do I Put My Butt?

On page 22 of the America Airlines Inflight magazine, American Way, J. Rentilly has written an article called Page Churner about author Danielle Steel.  Steel in the article said, “If there’s a formula at all to what I do, it’s this: [I] put my butt in my chair every single day.”

I like that.

“I put my butt in my chair every single day.”

Where is my butt sitting today? How do I spend my time? What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish?  It has been years, decades, since I blew out eighteen candles on my birthday angel food cake and wondered what I wanted to be when “I grew up.”

This is the chair my butt will be sitting in today and tomorrow. My husband Nick is presenting on New Language Features in Delphi to the DAPUG computer user group in Denmark. We are staying at Hotel Hesselet on the island of Funen, about one hour from Copenhagen. The Danish hosts were gracious to invite me to accompany my husband on this trip. I am sitting in on his presentations, and working on my computer while he talks about coding in Delphi.

My butt is in my chair today. I am not gardening, cooking, vacuuming, or rearranging the livingroom furniture.

I am writing.

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  • And yet so often I’m telling myself to “get off my butt.” Everything in balance!

    • Yes, everything in balance. I guess it depends what you are doing when you are sitting. I often read the weird news articles for hours. Frog with two heads. That sort of thing.

  • Maybe someday my butt will be in Denmark writing. I am a little jealous. 🙂 But my burning question is this “Will you be able to bring something home to the kids that is made in Denmark?” Enjoy your trip and keep writing!

    • Good Morning Kim. hahaha. I loved your burning question. I actually have been searching for something made in Denmark for the children 🙂 Lego’s for my son, and two more to find. My nine year old wants a Danish penguin. That one I might need prayer for.

  • This made me laugh, “Where is my butt sitting today?”
    How fun that you got to go on this trip. I loved Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

    • Good Morning elsie. So happy the story brought laughter. Please tell me what you enjoyed in Copenhagen. We will have a day to spend there on Friday. I would love your suggestions.

  • berdeane

    Another experience for your memory bank, enjoy it all.

  • Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

    • Hi Jessica. I look forward to getting together when I get back.