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The Jam on the Counter

This morning when I came into my kitchen. I noticed a butter knife covered in blackberry jam, and jam on the counter.

Last night after I had gone to bed, a member of my household came into the kitchen and ate something with jam on it. Then they left the dirty knife and jam residue on the counter.  I assumed that it was not a neighbor eating the Polaner All Fruit with Fiber Blackberry Seedless Jam from my Kitchenaid Refrigerator.

I walked over to the sink to get a sponge to wipe off the counter. I was about to wipe  the jam up. The sponge was coming in for a landing when I hesitated. The sponge was frozen in mid-air. What do I want more? A clean counter or accountability. Now, I won’t take fingerprints. I won’t interrogate my family members. I will leave the mess and wait. I will be kind and talk with a gentle whisper.

When my husband came down for breakfast he picked up the kitchen sponge and was going to clean up the jam. I stopped him, “Please leave the mess, unless you were the one who ate the jam.”  He wasn’t. The jam will stay until the one who made the mess wakes up.

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  • berdeane

    We’re all still waiting!!!!!! hmmmmmm??

    • The counters were cleaned by the jam eater. Was that what you wanted to know? That the mess was cleaned? Or who made the mess? I shall not tell who the jam eater was. That would be tattling.

  • berdeane

    Good for you, stick with it………….

  • Can’t wait to hear how this turns out!

    • The jam eater eventually woke up, and cleaned up the mess when I gently asked. I just have to remember to be gentle.

  • oh do tell us who is guilty!
    I found myself having to tuck my hands in my pockets as I read, oh how I wanted to wipe up that mess!

    • I can not tattle on my children 🙂 It was not me or my husband. And the jam eater did clean up the mess.