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I Will Put My Mask On First

When I flew to Denmark in April I read the safety information in the pocket of the chair in front of me. It is always wise to be prepared. I wanted to know where the safety exits were.  I wanted to know where the bathroom was and I wanted to know what to do if […]

A Full Garbage Can

I am not writing today.  I cleaned out the garage instead.  Several months ago, on March 17th, I told you I cleaned out the basement.  What I didn’t tell you was I  just moved the stuff from the basement to the garage. The boxes have been in my garage for 64 days laughing at me […]

Tuesdays With Kris and Kaydi

Tuesday night  in Saint Paul, Minnesota from 2001 until 2007  meant coffee with half and half, and prayer with Kris and Kaydi. We talked about our week and then we  prayed for each other. They prayed me through two miscarriages and the birth of my youngest daughter.  Kris and Kaydi had been meeting for several […]

Put the lid back on the laundry soap if you own a cat

A small bit of advice. When you buy a bottle of liquid laundry soap and you own a cat it may be a good idea to put the lid back on the bottle after you use it.  Well, it might have been the cat.  I am not really sure how the 172 oz bottle of […]

Eating For Comfort

Late at night when the children are in bed, asleep. I want to eat. I may have a bowl of cereal that reminds me of shared cereal bowls with my brother as a child.  I may make a batch of buttered popcorn that reminds me of eating popcorn with my family on Sunday nights watching […]

The ground is hard and full of rocks. Squishing wasps.

This morning  I started to dig a hole for the  cherry tree I bought on May 14, 2012  at Colonial Gardens in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The ground is hard and full of rocks. I thought I would never be able to plant trees in my yard. The task seemed impossible.  When I had tried to put the shovel […]

I Need A Kick In The Pants

Stop Talking Start Doing, A Kick In The Pants In Six Parts by Sháá Wasmund and Richard Newton is recommended by Sir Ranulph Fiennes Obe, The World’s Greatest Living Explorer. Obe said, “To achieve anything in life you have to start somewhere, be it writing a book, starting a business or climbing a mountain, this book will […]

Meeting An Author at The Hard Bean Cafe

“I pounded my heels into the flanks of my horse, and he sprang forward at my earnest command.”  This is the first line in The Windrider Saga,  Speculative  Fiction written by Rebecca P. Minor.  She had been invited to speak by The Pottstown Area Homeschoolers  at the Hard Bean Cafe in Boyertown, Pennsylvania on May 10, […]

I Must Let My Lawn Die

On April 16, 2000, I wrote in my journal. “If you want to be a writer you have to let your lawn die.”   I mowed my lawn today. I mowed it three days ago, and I will have to mow it again later this week. I would like to add to the quote about […]

My Grandmother’s Name Is Grace

On January 8, 1933, Grace Oliver wrote a letter to her friend Edna, addressed Dear Old Pal. In the letter she wrote, “Berdeane is coming along fine. She was born on (June 3rd). She can almost sit up alone now. I suppose she too will be running around before I know it.  That’s what Mother […]