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Meeting An Author at The Hard Bean Cafe

“I pounded my heels into the flanks of my horse, and he sprang forward at my earnest command.”  This is the first line in The Windrider Saga,  Speculative  Fiction written by Rebecca P. Minor.  She had been invited to speak by The Pottstown Area Homeschoolers  at the Hard Bean Cafe in Boyertown, Pennsylvania on May 10, 2012.

I brought my younger daughter to meet her. The advertisement for the meeting said she would talk about her book and  how she got it published.

I was expecting to hear exactly how to  publish a book. I was looking for a secret formula.  A  twelve step program for success.  Perhaps she would say you needed to do twenty-four jumping jacks, stand on your head, and then count to ten twice, and your book would be published. I was looking for secret tricks.

Instead, she told me what was obvious. She told me something I already knew, but was avoiding. She said, “Half of this whole writing thing is following through. Finishing what you start.”

The Windrider Saga was written as a serial fiction for Digital Dragon Magazine –an on-line magazine. They offered to publish the complete work as a book at the end of the  thirteen month series.

Minor attended the  Greater Philadelphia Writers Conference last year and had her manuscripts read by several editors. She was offered a contract at the end of the conference for the book she had written. The next conference is August 1-4, 2012.

I was ahead of myself.  I wanted to publish something I haven’t finished writing. Today I will sit on my chair and write.  I will also do twenty four jumping jacks, stand on my head, and count to ten twice.

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  • I love the idea of a “secret formula” — wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂 It’s always exciting and yet weird to meet authors and realize that they are real people! Good luck to you — I’m sure the jumping jacks won’t hurt!

  • I’m chaining myself to my computer everyday…it’s this simple act of putting words on the page that propels us forward. Although, I might also “do twenty four jumping jacks, stand on my head, and count to ten twice.” This way we won’t feel quite so alone, right? 😉

    • Yes doing jumping jacks together makes me feel not so alone. The Tuesday Slice is the best for that 🙂

  • I am with you…why do we always look for the secret formula or the quick fix? Must be a human thing! I am trying to remember the journeying is a rich part. It can be a place of exotic scenery or extraordinary beauty in the ordinary…in life, in the classroom and in the writing process! I forget this a lot but your piece reminds me. Then there is fun like the jumping jacks, standing on your head and counting.

    • Maybe the search for the secret formula keeps us from actually doing the work of writing. We are “working” on the idea of writing, not actually writing. I do like the journey as well. Not just the destination.

  • berdeane

    Since ever I could remember you’ve wanted to do this, I am knowing someday your ship will come in, make it sooner than later Pamela. I know you can do it!!!

  • I’m so there with you! I want a secret formula. Another author I talked to last year said… write your book first. I get ahead of myself too. We must do some writing retreats this summer…even if it is just in each other’s backyards for a few hours a week. 🙂