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I Need A Kick In The Pants

Stop Talking Start Doing, A Kick In The Pants In Six Parts by Sháá Wasmund and Richard Newton is recommended by Sir Ranulph Fiennes Obe, The World’s Greatest Living Explorer. Obe said, “To achieve anything in life you have to start somewhere, be it writing a book, starting a business or climbing a mountain, this book will set you on your way.”

The book was published in 2012 in Great Britain by TJ International Ltd, Padstow, Cornwell, UK.  I bought the book at Heathrow Airport during an eight-hour layover on April   21, 2o12.  I read the introduction in the store.  How to get from Talking ….. to Doing in six steps.

1.  Tick Tock
2. The Itch
3.  Fear and Regret
4.  Start
5.  The Art of Decision Making
6.  Action

I started reading the book today, twenty-five days  after I brought it home to Pennsylvania from London.  The book has 182 pages. I am on page 135.

I am on my way.

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  • Starting…I think it is just that simple. Whatever it is that I want to change or start I think I have to start perfectly…know my whole route and final destination…though nothing in my actual life experiences reflects that model. Three cheers for STARTING as imperfect as the first steps may be.
    Pamela you encourage me! 🙂

    • Kim, happy to encourage you. And I agree with you, I just need to start. I wait for perfection, and the days and years slip by while I wait.

  • berdeane

    Knowing you, you have likely finished reading the book by now……what did you learn???