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Rescuing Mathilda

We found Mathilda among weeds last week as we were  picking wildflowers. She had a delicate white blossom.  She was in an area that was going to become a sidewalk. My daughter wanted to get a shovel as soon as we got home and rescue her. She named her Mathilda.    We dug her out […]

A Penny In The Sidewalk

We have lived in Pennsylvania for 576 days or 1 year, 6 months and 29 days. The total time span is 13,824 hours, or 829,440 minutes, or 49,766,400 seconds. I have missed California where we use to live.  Pennsylvania has not felt like home. Yesterday, I made where I live my home.  A new sidewalk was being […]

We Made A Cow

I almost threw out a sheet of plywood when I cleaned out the basement. I didn’t need it. I didn’t want it. Our garbage company would not take the plywood unless it was cut into smaller pieces.  I was going to cut it up and throw it out next week. This morning my daughter Timber […]

A Dead Mouse And A Bird’s Egg

Tonight we had a funeral in the backyard. My husband  read Matthew 10-:29-31 and I said a short prayer.  My youngest daughter Timber sang a song she wrote for the occasion. We found out you fell out of your nest. And now we lay you down to rest. Why, why, why did you have to […]

Painting In The Basement

The name of my blog is I Paint I Write. I have written almost every day since the beginning of March when I joined a writing challenge hosted by two writing teachers. I have not painted. I either have to change the name of my blog to I Don’t Paint I Write, or I Mow […]

Swimming In Nine Feet Of Water

Today is the day. I turned left instead of right when I walked out of the Ladies Locker Room at the YMCA. I headed for the North Pool that is nine feet deep, and not the South Pool that is five feet deep. My friends on Facebook post daily updates about how many minutes they […]

I Am A Writer

I am participating in a 15 day writing challenge hosted by Jeff Goins. Fifteen Habits of Great Writers.  Goins said it is important to proclaim the believe that you are a writer. I have said, “I write.” I have said, “I paint.” Now I say, “I am a writer.” and I say, “I am a […]

How Far Can You Throw A Can Of Tuna?

Last night I stuck my hand in the pantry door and grabbed a can of tuna. Did you notice I did not say, ” I opened the pantry door and then put my hand in?” I am getting careless and leaving doors open again.  My friend Rebekah flew from Boulder Creek California on December 5th, […]

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Our dog Martha understands English.  She can not speak English like her namesake Martha in the Martha Speaks books by Susan Meddaugh.   Our dog Martha understands sit and down and come.  She will sit when you ask her. She will lay down when you ask her.  She will not come when you ask her. […]

I Sang To The Moon Tonight

I told my mother that I would sing “Happy Birthday To You” to the moon tonight at 8:00 o’clock her time. She was supposed to look at the moon so that she could hear me sing a birthday song for her.  She has always been thirty-four on her birthday.  I am now older than she […]