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Don’t Leave The Water Running.

Today I was focused on writing  The End of The Year School Reports.  I took a break at lunch to take the sheets off the bed and put them in the washing machine. Always trying to multi-task, (or maybe I was trying to avoid writing The End of The Year School Reports). While I was upstairs I saw the bathtub, and thought how nice it would be to have a nice relaxing warm bath on a cold rainy day, ( Or  maybe I was trying to avoid writing The End of The Year School Reports. )  I pushed down the plug in the bottom of the tub and turned on the hot and cold taps.

While the water was running I came downstairs to put the sheets in the washing machine.  It takes awhile for the tub to fill, so I thought I would take advantage of the extra few minutes.  After I put the sheets in the washer, I  thought maybe I should stop avoiding writing The End of The Year School Reports.  I sat down and started to write The End of School Reports on the computer.

About fifteen minutes later I decided I was thirsty and went into the kitchen.  I heard water running. I wondered what the sound was, as no one was taking a shower. My oldest child was at work, and the other two were in the kitchen.

I ran up the stairs to my bathroom yelling, “Grab towels. Come and help Mama!”  There was no time to photograph the water running over the tub, for a good image for a story. I turned off the water, and pushed the plug in the bottom of the tub to drain the water.  The water had spilled over the tub and completely covered the entire floor. I put the bathroom scale, garbage can,  toilet plunger and toilet brush in the sink.  I threw towels, bath mats and laundry at the base of the wall to prevent water from seeping through the cracks to the floor below.

I left the towels, bath mats and laundry on the floor. I left the bathroom scale, garbage can,  toilet plunger and toilet brush in the sink and came back downstairs and worked on The End of The Year School Reports. A few minutes later I took my youngest to her softball game.

At 6:07 I received a text from my husband. ” What happened in our bathroom?”

At 6:21 I replied, “The tub overflowed.”

The moral to the story is;  If you avoid writing The End of The Year School Reports, you may have to wash a lot of towels.

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  • Those rotten End of The Year School Reports. It is all their fault. I am so sorry!

  • Conni F.

    Hi, Pamela, I just enjoyed your towel story on C&V and I linked to your blog. You have given me the first laugh of the day, thankyou! I will now peruse the rest of your blog (’cause, you know, it IS the beginning of the month and the budget ‘stuff’ awaits!) But maybe I should go and draw a bath first…..Conni (CA)

    • Is this the Conni with the beautiful long flowing locks who wants to raise chickens? I always enjoyed your company when you attended the Monday night meetings. Say hello to the ocean for me, please. Did you work of the budget or take a bath? I hope the tub didn’t overflow:)

  • berdeane

    Pamela, Pamela, Pamela………………………

  • Elsie

    Oh Pamela, how awful! I hope everything has dried out by now and your reports are finished. Ever the photographer, thinking you need a picture to go with the story, but regretting that you can’t take the time to get one.

    • Hello Elsie, I am still working on cleaning the towels. They take forever to dry. I left the reports until Monday. I promised my daughter I would help her make a fort today. I am looking forward to a story from you where you go on a walk. I am always curious to see what you find 🙂