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We Made A Cow

I almost threw out a sheet of plywood when I cleaned out the basement. I didn’t need it. I didn’t want it. Our garbage company would not take the plywood unless it was cut into smaller pieces.  I was going to cut it up and throw it out next week.

This morning my daughter Timber decided she wanted to milk a cow.  She had been milking a goat the past few days. Now she wanted to milk a cow. We have a wooden plywood goat we brought with us from California. The wooden Boer goat was used for a display in the Livestock Building above the market goat pens at the Santa Cruz County Fair in Watsonville, California, the fall of 2010.

Timber stapled a purple rubber glove to the back of the wooden goat and poked holes at the end of each finger. She placed a small white plastic bucket under the rubber glove and milked the goat.

This morning the piece of plywood was just a piece of plywood. I was upstairs still working on the same school reports I was working on when the tub overflowed on June 1, 2012. The reports are due Friday morning at 9:00 AM. I  still have three more days to finish them, and I did have all day to work on the reports.  Drawing a cow, and using my Bosch Skill saw, did sound more exciting than doing the report this morning at nine.

I don’t want to be the kind of mother who always says, after I sweep the kitchen,  or after I mow the lawn,  or after I write a novel, or after I do the reports.  I want to be a mother who says, “Sure, let’s do it.”

The cows name is Bessy.  She needs a bell, a pink udder, and a tail. We are going to buy pink rubber gloves,  a cow bell, and sew a tail.

I will finish the reports tomorrow.

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  • Heidi

    You have mastered how to take a moment and turn it into a magical moment that will last forever. Loved reading about your day. loved loved loved it.
    You are one special lady.

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you for your kind words. We did have a fun day making the cow.

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Oh those rotten reports. Phooey on them. Your cow is wonderful and so much more fun. And I’m sure the reports will be just right, too. I’ll be glad when you finish them!

    • pamelahodges

      I finished the reports today! They are due next week. I have to take them in tomorrow to be evaluated. Thank you for sharing in my joy that they are done.

  • Jaana

    My mother always said: “The dishes will still be in the sink in the morning but the time to spend with your children (or child) might be gone by morning.” Reports can always be done when it is dark outside, right?

  • nancy

    oh, I’m so glad you stopped to make this cow…I think it is so much fun to make something from something seemingly useless. I know you will finish reports tomorrow! love nanc xo

  • Thanks for sharing and the reminder that we need to seize the opportunities that come our way so we don’t live our lives with regret. I love your cow!

  • Way to “milk” a moment. That cow is a very cool project. I watched a video of a preschool classroom where the students had a barn themed area with a pretend cow to milk. When your daughter has moved on, I’ll bet there will be an early childhood classroom that might enjoy your donation.

  • AWESOME on so many levels!!! … and BRAVO on owning and knowing how to use that saw. I admire that (as well as the character shown in this story).

  • Elsie

    You will never be the mother that says, I’ll do it after . . . You made me laugh as I read this. I love the way your plywood was transformed today. Tomorrow you can transform the paper into reports. Thanks for the chuckle!