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A Penny In The Sidewalk

We have lived in Pennsylvania for 576 days or 1 year, 6 months and 29 days. The total time span is 13,824 hours, or 829,440 minutes, or 49,766,400 seconds.

I have missed California where we use to live.  Pennsylvania has not felt like home.

Yesterday, I made where I live my home.  A new sidewalk was being poured.  The sidewalk needed a penny with Lincoln’s head facing up, and the year 2012 showing. The sidewalk was poured while I was away. I asked my husband to put the penny in the cement for me. I left the penny on the bottom right side of the keyboard on his laptop computer.

In a sidewalk in Swansea Illinois is a 1995 penny. In California is my youngest daughters handprint. I forgot to put a penny in the cement when I poured the cement for the fence posts.

He sent me a text, at 10:39 AM “Penny successfully placed.”

I am grateful I have a husband who will walk over to a construction crew and ask if he can put a penny in the cement for his wife.

My husband just came downstairs, I asked him what he said to the construction crew.

“Can I put a penny in the cement? My wife asked me to do it. She said I would have a better chance of doing it if I brought my nine-year old daughter with me.” He brought our daughter with him and the penny.  They let him put a penny in the cement.

I am grateful for my penny in the sidewalk and for the man who placed it there.





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  • lee

    Love the penny idea. Nice, subtle way to leave your mark.

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Lee.

  • What a novice way to leave your “footprint”, one your daughter will never forget. I’m a wife of a former military member. This is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere, but it’s not “home” (western NY). I understand that feeling quite well. Do you expect to be in PA any length of time?

    • pamelahodges

      I always think where I live is permanent. Live is so full of surprises. I think we will be living here a long time.