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Do you wear sunscreen?

I stare at the skin on my arms as I wash the dishes. I stare at my skin when I look in the mirror in the morning to see if I am still here. Are the dark spots on my skin changing?  Is the mole Asymmetrical? Is the Border irregular? Has the mole changed Color? […]

Seeking Contentment

This morning I held a little baby until she fell asleep. I know I could have written,”I held a baby”  but I wanted to put the extra word in the sentence.  I wanted to say “little baby”. Matthew wrote about the life of Jesus. He wrote a non-fiction book.  Matthew was a witness. Matthew quoted […]

I made a mess in the garage again.

Well, I wonder how many times I can write about cleaning out my garage? I wrote about cleaning my garage on May 29th, and even showed a photograph of the clean garage. My mother in law was here at the beginning of July and asked me when she saw the mess in the garage, “I thought […]

No Rear-View Living

When I drive my van  I hold the steering wheel in two hands, and look at the road directly in front of me. I do a complete stop at stop signs and carefully proceed forward. Occasionally I take a quick glance in the rear-view mirror to see if there is anyone behind me. I know […]

Green Eggs And Ham For Aidan

I recently drove with a friend to Virginia Beach to visit the gravesite of her son. Her son lived for four and a half hours. He was born and died on December 27th, 2002.  We arrived  Friday night at her in-laws to home-made chicken soup and fresh biscuits. Saturday morning we drove to the cemetery […]

The Broken Japanese Shamisen Player

I broke my Porcelain figurine this morning. The figurine was made in Occupied Japan. He is holding a Shamisen.  I treasured the ornament. It fell off of my nightstand and hit a rock.  I collect rocks, and the rocks were under my nightstand. I don’t have broken things in my life. If a plate breaks I […]

Living Like A Sunflower

  This morning when I watered my sunflowers I noticed they were facing the sun as it rose in the east. At night they were facing the sun as it set in the west. The plant followed the sun all day. I thought of my friend Kaydi who reads her bible every morning at six […]

Masking Tape On My Mouth

I have not written in six days. I feel like my mouth is covered with masking tape. I want to write a story, but I can not open my mouth. I try to write, but the words that I want to say, won’t come out. The words are hidden. I want to write a story. I […]