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Seeking Contentment

This morning I held a little baby until she fell asleep. I know I could have written,”I held a baby”  but I wanted to put the extra word in the sentence.  I wanted to say “little baby”.

Matthew wrote about the life of Jesus. He wrote a non-fiction book.  Matthew was a witness. Matthew quoted Jesus, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

I don’t  know how old the baby is or what her middle name is. She was wearing a pink cotton footed sleeper. She is about the size of a football with arms and legs and a head.   I held the little baby in my arms. She put her little head on my shoulder and she fell asleep. I waited several minutes to enjoy her breathe on my arm, and then I placed her in a crib in the nursery.

When I placed her in the crib she woke up for a few seconds until her thumb found her mouth. The baby was so content when she had her thumb. I want my life to be simple. To be content with what I have. I want to be like a child coming to Jesus. I use to think I would only be content with my life if I had an upgraded kitchen faucet.

I could get up out of my chair right now and drive to a local hardware store and buy a new kitchen sink and faucet. The faucet and sink would not make me content. After the sink is installed, I would find something else I wanted to buy. I will not feel content if I upgrade my kitchen sink. I will not feel content if I buy a new pair of shoes. I will not feel content by spending money on objects.

I will be content in only One thing. I will be content  if Jesus is my shepherd. He restores my soul and gives me rest.

Tonight when I go to bed, I will not dread the night. I will remember the little baby as she slept. And I will fall asleep knowing that Jesus is my shepherd. I may even try my thumb.


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  • What a beautiful reminder of what is truly important in this life. Thank you.

  • I remember when you were a baby, you always had your thumb in your mouth. You were a very contented baby. I think you stopped sucking your thumb when you were about 5 years old. Was it that grown ups shamed you into thinking that thumb sucking was not the thing to do? I wonder!

  • Michelle

    I love it when babies fall asleep on me – it is that feeling that all is right with the world. Imagine being so comfortable and at peace that you just lay your head down and sleep – like sheep who know their shepherd is watching over them. Wonderful post – thanks for sharing.

    • pamelahodges

      Yes, all is right with the world when a baby falls asleep while I hold them. And, you are very welcome.

  • Pearle

    Lovely. A perfect devotion before I go to sleep.

  • Once again, you’ve made me smile. I’m sure it was the thumb.