i paint i write

Live boldly, laugh and make art

I watered the plant today.

The day I found out I had malignant melanoma on the back of my left calf, Feb 29, 2012,  I wanted to buy myself flowers. I walked through the florists, looking at  the bright colors, rich smells, vivid greens. I did not buy any flowers. I bought a three-inch flat cactus in a 3 inch […]

A quiet morning to think

I woke up early yesterday and sat outside at a lake. I can not tell you the name of the lake, because I didn’t pay any attention to the road signs. I put the street address into my GPS and listened to the lady and drove. A friend had invited us to spend the night […]

Just Enough

Today I took all of my clothes out of my closet and dumped them in a  pile on the floor of my bedroom. They are still there, layers of dresses, shirts, winter coats, piled four feet high against the bedroom wall, like snow in the Canadian Prairie against an orange snow fence. Layers of my […]

three little stitches

mole biopsy –  “severely abnormal” not cancer slice off a piece of skin microscopic atypical cells a dime of me floating in a jar black string three little stitches healthy tissue remaining.      

I will not worry.

I know it says in the bible not to worry. God knows how many hairs I have on my head, and he knows if a bird falls. I have at least twenty less hairs this morning, from pulling out a knot. And God knows that. He is so smart. I am thankful to be taken […]

I am an onion.

  I am an onion. I had  several moles removed last week at the dermatologists. Peel me, take away the outer layer that has started to rot. Check the cells to see if they are normal. Are the cells  in my moles mutating?  Are the cells malignant – diving into the deeper layers of my […]

Today I painted.

Today I painted. I didn’t clean. The dust is still on the bookcase. The dust is still on the mantle. The dust is still on the kitchen floor. I walked away from the stack of books to be sorted for school. I walked away from the blue toothpaste splattered on the mirror in the bathroom. […]