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A quiet morning to think

I woke up early yesterday and sat outside at a lake. I can not tell you the name of the lake, because I didn’t pay any attention to the road signs. I put the street address into my GPS and listened to the lady and drove. A friend had invited us to spend the night and go on their boat. She was reading a book and let me borrow it. the man with the iron tattoo by John E. Castaldo M.D and Lawrence P. Levitt, M.D.

The book was full of anecdotes from their practice. On page 145 the doctor wrote about quitting. He walked in to his advisor’s office and quit.  It was his first rotation at the hospital and two of his patients had died. His supervisor said to him, ” Look, I know you can do it. Just do the very best you can. Now turn around and get back to work.”

Tomorrow I start teaching school. I will do the very best I can. Tomorrow morning I will look in the mirror and say, ” Look, I know you can do it. Just do the very best you can. Now turn around and teach.”


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  • And… Pictures of Hollis Woods is SUCH a good book but the movie was so disappointing. As always, it seems…

  • Thanks for the reminder that we CAN do this thing we have dedicated our lives to, even though it still seems hard after all these years. And thanks for the laughs I just had as I read the last comments – you always have such interesting insight.

  • Ha Ha, funny girl…….you know what I meant !!!!! 🙂

  • I just got back from the hospital where my husband is recuperating from a broken knee cap………he is in re -hab at the moment…..I found this interesting today…..because of all the drugs they have been giving him, he has been quite confused at times, so today the nurse had him say the months of the year, backwards, he just rattled them off, no problem. Days of the week, right on again. Then she had him go from 100, subtracting 7 each time, again he did very well, probably better than I could have done, so maybe what I am trying to say here is, would this not be a benifit to those of you who home school to use this method of teaching?????

    • pamelahodges

      Does the child need to be in the hospital with a broken knee cap and on drugs?

  • Thankfully, our “patients” don’t die, but our “practice” can hurt them. I was just reading Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff. Hollis draws her wish for a family when her teacher gave the assignment to draw a “w” picture. The teacher points out the other letters- “f” for father, “m” for mother, etc., and berates her for not having drawn “w” as Hollis inwardly asks “What about wish? and want? and like the song, wouldn’t it be loverly?” Hollis keeps that picture folded in her pocket for years aftewards… (Would I think to say, “tell me your thinking”? Or would I be as mistaken as the teacher in the story? )

    I thought about times when I know I’ve said the wrong thing to a student- what was intended to be a helpful pointer perceived as a stinging criticism, or frustration spilling out in my words- it is so discouraging, disheartening, even makes you doubt what you know in your heart, that you are a TEACHER. So next time (I know it will come, I’m human, fallible) I will try to remember to look in the mirror and say to myself, “Look, I know you can do it. Just do the best you can. Now turn around and teach.”

    (I also just want to say you had a lovely title, “A quiet morning to think.” It drew me in right away.)

    • pamelahodges

      I want to read the book, Pictures of Hollis Woods. I hope the words I use with my students are helpful and not harmful. I will keep doing the best I can. Each day is a fresh start.

  • I needed this advice today – I’m beat – and feeling chicken after meeting many of my students yesterday at an open house. Oh my, can I really do this…again.

    • pamelahodges

      How was day two, and day three? You can do it. I may have to go back upstairs and talk to myself in the mirror again.