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Romaine Lettuce – Item #4640

Tonight I will make a salad with Romaine Lettuce grown in California. I bought it last night. In my refrigerator are other heads of Romaine Lettuce  that I should eat first. I don’t know where those heads of Romaine were grown. They are silent about the dirt they were grown in. Tonight I want to eat lettuce that was grown in California. The Romaine Lettuce I will eat tonight was grown in California dirt, watered with California water and grown in California air. It was harvested and  packed in an individual bag, distributed by Growers Express, LLC from Salinas California, 93901, and shipped to the grocery store in Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania, 19505.

Item #4640 will be my dinner tonight. I will eat a little bit of California sunshine,  dirt and air.

If I wanted to drive to Salinas to buy Romaine lettuce I would have to drive 2,956.53 miles. It would cost 781.30 dollars in gas to drive there, and another 781.30 dollars in gas to drive home.  It would cost more than just the price of fuel, as I would have to buy coffee to keep me awake while I drove.

Tonight,when I sit on the back deck, I will lift my yellow salad bowl in the air and say a toast to my friends in California.

I think of you often and  I miss you more.





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  • Markie

    Thank you ,for lettuce in upstate NY. Godspeed my friends!

  • We have California lettuce here in Canada too Pamela, even in Saskatoon Saskatchewan…….I’d fix you a salad!!!

  • pamelahodges

    How fun, a California salad in Montana and Pennsylvania. How nice for you to see your daughter. Sending you a hug.

  • Robin Patrick

    You are thought of often too and missed very much. FYI, I am eating California salad while I am visiting my daughter and her family in Montana!