i paint i write

Live boldly, laugh and make art

Picking a fight, taking a stand

My computer is in the basement. The basement that I cleaned twice last year. The basement that was empty because I moved everything that was stored in the basement to the garage. At the end of  summer I wanted to park the cars in the garage so  I moved all the boxes back into the […]

I am ready for Hurricane Sandy with my King Oscar Tiny Tots and Natural Spring Water

  I am staying home today.  Hurricane Sandy is getting closer.  She was not invited to visit.  But. I have prepared for her arrival. Yesterday we took all of the patio chairs off the deck and put them in the garage. The loose firewood in the fire pit is in a cardboard box in the […]

I cut my husbands hair

    My husband asked me to cut his hair.  He doesn’t like to pay someone to cut his hair when we own our own clippers. If I shave his head every eight weeks for the next fifty years, I will cut his hair three hundred and twenty five times. If a haircut is fifteen dollars, we […]

Always overlap your wheels when mowing the lawn and read Nutrition Facts on granola packaging

I just came in from mowing the lawn to tell you I am not writing today. I can not concentrate. All I can do today is mow the lawn. I know you are reading words I typed. But. I am not writing. I am complaining. The basement is a mess again. I have weeds in […]

Write our phone number on your arm, in case you get hit by a car

  “Mom, may I ride my bike around the block?” my youngest daughter asked. “Sure, just write our phone number on your arm with a magic marker,  in case you get hit by a car.” She went for a bike ride and when she came back she showed me her arm. She had written on her […]

Clutching my bible as my daughter drove

Tonight my daughter, the one with the learners permit, asked me, “Mom, I want to drive to church tonight. Will you let me drive?” ” Call your dad.  I think he can drive with you when he gets home.” I said. She called her dad and he hadn’t left work yet. ” Mom, Dad won’t […]

The meat loaf and the bike ride.

  I made a meat loaf for supper.The pans I used to stir the meat  were on the island and the stove.The dirty breakfast dishes were on the counter by the sink. The dishwasher was ready to be unloaded and reloaded. My daughter asked me, ” Are you done yet? When can we ride bikes?” […]

My grass touches the sidewalk

I mow my lawn. I mow the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street. I do not  trim the edge of my lawn. My lawn does not have a neat edge. My lawn has a fuzzy edge. Grass grows onto the sidewalk. Some of my grass leans over and actually touches the sidewalk. […]

Waking up in the dark

  It is dark outside. I see the sun begin to rise behind the tree line. I pray. I wait expectantly. A new day. A new beginning.  

The frog in my headlights

  The frog hopped in front of my van as my headlights came around the corner. It was dark. No streetlights. Did the frog think it was morning?  Was the frog trying to cross the road? I had to stop. How could I drop my daughter off at  a church program where she is memorizing bible […]