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Dog barf on my knee

I was driving my daughter to youth group  when I saw a stain on my knee through the hole in the steering column.The stain was red, about the size of a quarter.

In the parking lot at church after I dropped my daughter  off I stuck my nose close to the stain and smelled the stain. It had no noticeable smell.

I thought the stain was from something on the floor in the car. Maybe a cookie? or some food, that got on my jeans when I knelt on the carpet to reach my sweatshirt in the back of the van.

And then I remembered.

Our dog Martha had vomited on the carpet just as we were about to leave for church. I was ready to back out of the driveway, car in gear, just waiting for my daughter to come out of the front door.

“Mom, Martha just barfed on the carpet. She ate the cats food again.”

I hate to be late. Absolutely hate it. But, I couldn’t  drive away without cleaning up the vomit and taking care of the dog.

I put the car in park and ran inside the house. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a stainless steel spatula out of the kitchen drawer, and some napkins from the cupboard. I knelt down beside the vomit on my left knee and scooped it into the napkin.    I grabbed a chair from the dining room and placed it over the general area of the barf, to clean it later after I got back from church. I didn’t want anyone to unknowingly step in it, while I was away. I put the dog in the basement with a fresh bowl of water, and then ran out the front door.

In the bible Paul says to Rejoice in the Lord Always.  How do I rejoice when I have dog barf on my knee?  How do I rejoice when I will be late?

1. I am grateful the dog barfed on the throw rug and not on the white carpet.
2. I am grateful the dog did not barf all over the basement while I was away.
3. I am grateful that I did not get angry and drive to church mad.

Now to wash my jeans.




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  • Pam- Your posts refresh me! You are so real and I love your perspective on LIFE!!! God can use every little thing if we let him, and today, he used you and dog barf to remind me to be grateful! THANK YOU!!!

    • pamelahodges

      I am delighted my dog barfing helped to remind you to be grateful. He or one of the cats remind me about once a week. Why do animals eat grass and then barf it back up?

  • pamelahodges

    Thank you Michelle for your comment. Yes, thankful for fleas. A good reminder “God always knows what He is doing – even if we don’t always appreciate it.”

  • That reminds me of a book I read – The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom – at one point while in a concentration camp her sister tells her that they have to thank God for all things, so they start thanking Him that they are together, that they had food that day, then her sister says thank for the fleas – Corrie has an issue with this – why are we thanking him for these fleas that live in the straw that make up our beds and bite us constantly – her sister explains that you should thank God for ALL things – not just the ones you liked. So reluctantly Corrie said Thank you God for the fleas. Some time later the ladies in the barracks were trying to hide something (I don’t remember what right now – it’s been a while since I read the book) – but the warden was about to come in and then they would all be in trouble. When teh warden reached the door, she stopped, glanced around and then left. At first the women were confused as to why the warden didn’t come in – then they realized – it was because of the fleas. God always knows what He is doing – even if we don’t always appreciate it.

  • Hmm … I will have to think of this when I have to clean up cat barf and need to remind myself not to be angry with the cat for being sick.

    • pamelahodges

      Is your kitty all right? Our cat barfs when it eats grass. It has been barfing all summer on the front porch. I hope the cat still does that when it gets colder outside. Do you know how to say in cat language, ” Why do you eat grass?”