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I am ready for Hurricane Sandy with my King Oscar Tiny Tots and Natural Spring Water


I am staying home today.  Hurricane Sandy is getting closer.  She was not invited to visit.  But. I have prepared for her arrival. Yesterday we took all of the patio chairs off the deck and put them in the garage. The loose firewood in the fire pit is in a cardboard box in the basement.  The cat has to stay inside the house, and the dog has to make up her mind quicker about the perfect place to go outside.

I am not worried about the storm as I have nine cans of King Oscar Tiny Tots, the finest Brisling sardines, in extra virgin olive oil, wild caught, wood smoked, and hand-picked.  I also have  one hundred and twenty bottles of natural spring water that is pure quality, made with fifty percent recyled plastic.  I also still have power.

If the power goes out  I will sit in the dark, eat sardines and drink water. I will not fear the terror of night.



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  • I could go with sardines……but I’m wondering……what is everyone else eating?????? Just happy you are all safe!! 🙂

  • Elsie

    I hope you do not have to live for long on sardines and water ( should the power go out). I also, would prefer cheese and crackers to sardines. Maybe tuna would be my choice of fish. Be safe!

  • Well my cat and my dog might be happy at your house during Sandy but I’m not sure I would. Give me cheese and crackers!

  • On second though, are you King Oscars tiny tot potatoes? One more thing, I really like your new site.

    • pamelahodges

      Oh how funny. We had tiny tot potatoes last night for supper. I never even thought they had the same name. My Tiny Tots are sardines. We still have power so all is well. I am glad you like my new site. Thank you.

  • I find it ironic that you would write about King Oscar when Saturday, I bought half a dozen Van Camps in mustard sauce. I’ve never heard of tiny tots except for the little nubs of shredded potatoes that go well with ketchup.

    Hopefully, the storm won’t disrupt your lives too much. Just remember, you are “safe in the arms of God.”