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Weekly Photo Challenge – Thankful

    I am thankful for my feet. My feet can take me out of a room. My feet can walk into another room. My feet can move fast if I am in a hurry.  My feet move me into the future away from my past. I am thankful for my feet.

Uncle Carl was not my uncle.

(WARNING- Adult content) I slept on the outside edge of my brothers bed and I waited for  the man we called Uncle Carl to come and wake me.  I wore my two piece pyjamas.  My brother slept  against the wall. Uncle Carl touched my shoulder as I lay sleeping with my brother. The irritation of his […]

Uncle Carl molested me when I was eight

( WARNING – Adult content) I have been avoiding writing some of my stories. It is easy to write about losing my hammer.  It is easy to write about finding my iron. It is hard for me to write about what happened in my bedroom behind a closed-door in 1966. I started to write a […]

I am sorry John McEnroe just yelled at you

Good Morning Friends, My Dear Subscribers, I am sorry John McEnroe just yelled at you. I am sorry you were greeted by John McEnroe when you clicked on the “Read More” button for The grocery list in the parking lot story. Please forgive me for accidentally sending you an angry, retired, tennis player, blaming you […]

Thirteen ways to manage your time as a writer

My laundry hamper is overflowing, there is cornmeal on the kitchen floor from making pizzas from scratch, and the new kitten is still hiding under my bed. I am having trouble finding time to write and time to take care of the house. I have  to reevaluate how I spend my day.  I am not […]

Why Do I Write?

  This morning I came downstairs to my computer to write.  I looked at the list of all the stories I had written. I have published one hundred and forty stories. I  have one hundred and thirty-nine rough drafts. Stories I had started and never finished. One of the rough drafts was called, “Why do […]

I haven’t seen my iron in thirteen days. Where did I put it?

I can’t find my iron. I haven’t seen my iron for thirteen days. The last time I used it was to iron my son’s blue shirt.  I thought I had put the iron on top of the washing machine. But when  I looked in the laundry room for the iron it wasn’t there.  I looked […]

Five ways to never lose your hammer once you find it

    I can’t find my iron. Last night I had a vivid dream  the iron was behind  a green chair in the living room.  When I woke up I came immediately downstairs and looked behind  the chair. The iron wasn’t there, but my hammer was. I have found my hammer! Now I want to make […]

Five reasons why you should use a rock If you can’t find a hammer

This morning I couldn’t find my hammer so I used a rock. Five reasons why you should use a rock if you can’t find a hammer 1.  You don’t have to  waste time looking for a hammer. 2.  There is no reason to put your hammer away. 3.  Rocks are easier to hold. 4.  You […]

The end of “I can’t”

  “I can’t .” “Yes, you can.  Now go and do it.”