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I haven’t seen my iron in thirteen days. Where did I put it?

I can’t find my iron. I haven’t seen my iron for thirteen days. The last time I used it was to iron my son’s blue shirt.  I thought I had put the iron on top of the washing machine. But when  I looked in the laundry room for the iron it wasn’t there.  I looked in the upstairs closet, on the floor in my closet, under the sink in my bathroom, in my daughters room, and behind the green chair in the living room.

I asked my friends on facebook, “Please pray I can find my iron. Do you know where I put it?”   Michelle said my iron was on the back of the bottom shelf in the storage room. AJ said it was under the sink or in the laundry room.  I looked where they suggested, but did’t find it. Jessica said I could use her iron and her sister knew where it was. My neighbor Jen said I could  use her iron,(and her hammer.) Veronica said she knew where I could buy a new iron.

I am so embarrassed. How could I walk over to my neighbor Jen, even though she is kind and generous, and say,” I misplaced my iron, may I borrow yours?”  I know people misplace their keys. How do you misplace an iron. Irons are big. They are noticeable. My iron is pink. Pink is noticeable.

My friends  suggested ways to iron without an iron.

How to iron clothes when you can’t find your iron 

1. Cindy said,” Meat tenderizer and a tea pot.”
2. Kaydi said, ”  A spray bottle with water, pull tight, and let dry. Or a curling iron.”
3.  Michelle said, ” Use steam from a kettle.”
4.  Michelle said, “Try heating a spatula on the stove and see what happens.” ( I have two friends named Michelle)
5. Rachel said, “Use a rock.”

Last night as I grabbed the last of my husbands white socks to put in the washing machine, I saw something pink on the bottom of the hamper. My prayer was answered.   My iron was in the bottom of the laundry hamper!  Now I don’t have to iron my clothes with meat tenderizer and a tea pot. I don’t have to use a curling iron or steam, or a heated spatula or a rock to iron my clothes.  I don’t have to borrow an iron, or buy an iron. I can use my own iron. I can plug it in and flatten wrinkles.

Now I have to find out how my iron fell in the laundry hamper. I wonder if it was the cat?




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  • Sue

    Next time you can’t find the iron, try throwing the desired item of clothing in the dryer with a damp wash cloth for about 10 minutes (well . . . maybe a few more than 10). The heat and moisture will get out quite a few wrinkles (especially in items that would be wrinkle free if I would only get them on hangers as soon as the dryer stops!). I have a friend who only uses the dryer for half the time and then puts everything on hangers to finish drying. Her clothes always look very nice (she doesn’t own an iron!).

  • I don’t believe in ironing. I believe in dry cleaners who iron.

  • pamelahodges

    Yes, the poor cat does get the blame. I probably knocked in the iron myself. Our cat Pooh complained about getting the blame on his twitter account today as well. Pooh [email protected]

  • Elsie

    Poor cat gets the blame for the missing iron. You must have so much on your mind as so many things seem to disappear. I hope your life slows down and objects quit disappearing.

  • I love the way you captured all the attempts to rescue you from your own situation. I have lost a stapler and car keys for many days, only to find them wrapped up in the bedclothes and in with my nylons (respectively). I swear, these things move on their own. I certainly wouldn’t have done something so silly. Although I have been known to put the peanut butter in the freezer instead of the cabinet NEXT to the freezer by mistake…

    • pamelahodges

      Christy, I am so curious how your stapler ended up in your bedclothes. Were you grading papers? Thank you for commenting. I have your work of art on top of my bookcase, the writing quote you stamped on fabric and framed for a prize in http://www.twowritingteachers.com March 2012 slice writing. I treasure it.

  • Meat tenderizer and a teapot? Hmmm. Not sure you would’ve liked the way your clothes would’ve smelled! But it sure gave me a laugh.

    Glad you found your iron!

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Stacey. I am glad I found my iron as well, and happy you got a laugh out of the story. Laughter is good for the soul.

  • I have an iron some where around here.

    • pamelahodges

      Do you iron your own clothes Edelweiss? I hope you can find your iron.