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January first is a magical red number day, where all my bad habits will go away


January first is three days away.

January first is a magical red number day, where all my bad habits will go away. I will make a list of activities I am resolved to  start on January first. The start of the year is the best day to start a new habit.  I will stop sleeping late and get up early to write. I will stop eating all of the bananas and share, and I will  give away all of the items I am emotionally attached to in the basement.

I will do the activities on my list for approximately six days. After six days, I will sleep late, and not write in the morning. I will eat all of the bananas; I will not share.  I will open a box in the basement and get overwhelmed and go back upstairs. I will get discouraged and give up. The negative thoughts will start again, and I will quit. Then I will wait for the next January first to try again.

I don’t have to wait until Tuesday, January first.  There is no magic in the first day of the year. If I rely on a specific day and then fail, I have to wait another year to start again.

If something needs to change in my life, the best time to start is now. Right now.

Make a decision and follow through. Be brave and begin.

Everyone had to start from the beginning.

Every book that was ever written, started with the first sentence.  Every song that was written, started with the first note.  Every sink  full of dirty dishes started to be clean by washing one plate.

If  you want to write a book,  sit down and write one sentence. If you want to lose the ten pounds that is hanging around your waist, start by eating a little less, just lose a few ounces to start. If you want to clean the kitchen start by washing one plate.

You don’t have to change on your own. You don’t have to rely on The Magic of January First. You can do all things with the help of someone stronger.  Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Is there something you want to do differently? Is there something you are waiting  to start?

Why not start today?

You are not alone.

I told you what was on my list. Please tell me what is on your list.



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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

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  • Emmy

    I had decided on December 26th that my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ would be to smile more. At the office on New Year’s Eve we ordered Chinese food for lunch. In my fortune cookie the slip of paper read “A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile.” I’m happy with my resolution. And hopefully it isn’t as difficult to continue after six days… like sharing my bananas might be.

    • pamelahodges

      Emmmy, I love your New Year’s Resolution. I am smiling as I type this. Did you save the piece of paper from your fortune cookie? I will smile more today, and share my bananas.

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  • Heather Goyette

    Great post! I love making lists of goals for the new year! One of my goals this year involves training for a race and eating better while I train. But for that one I am waiting until Jan 1. Actually Jan 2! I still have 2 more days to eat lots of sweets and junk! I’m pushing that one off as long as possible.

    • pamelahodges

      Ha ha, what sweets and junk did you buy to close out this year? I just came home with whipped cream and strawberries. Your race sounds interesting. I wish you all the best as you train. Happy New Year Heather!

  • Love this post. Thank you Pamela.

    • pamelahodges

      You are very welcome La Mc Coy.

  • Wonderful post!

    I tend to get overwhelmed when I see the tasks ahead of me. My list for this year is just one thing: be determined. Be determined to not give up on what is important. Be determined to see small victories as successes. Be determined to just “Be There”.

    Have a fantastic 2013 Pamela!!

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Jennifer. I want to add “determined” to my list. Actually, maybe that is the only word I will have on my list. hmmm. I hope you have a fantastic 2013 as well.

  • Well done Pamela! I am not making any lists this year, really. Tired of beating myself up and feeling like a failure when I don’t want to do the work on the goals after a week. I am going to focus instead on continual progression towards things that are contributing to growth. I will hope to eat less junk, exercise more, not take things personally with my teens, finish homeschooling well, writing, writing, writing. Be a person who loves first, before the other stuff.

    • pamelahodges

      Christa, I may have to copy some of your list. I take comments made by my teens personally, almost all of the time. And the last three items on your list, are now on mine. I want to be a kind mother, not the witch from The Wizard of Oz. Hugs to you, fellow homeschooling mommy.

  • Thanks Pamela. I agree, why wait till the 1st? My list? Get my ebook out there. Start working on the 2nd one. And to be sensitive to God’s leading every day.

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Anne. I loved your ebook. I pray you feel better.

  • Great post. Awesome reminder. 🙂

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Pilar.

  • I have a big writing project with a deadline of Jan 31st. It’s been overwhelming me as it’s not what I normally write although I am very prepared for. This was a good kick. I’m gonna go start with the first few sentences. Thanks! =)

    • pamelahodges

      Stacey, how fun to have a writing project. Well, maybe not fun, as you feel overwhelmed. I look forward to reading your story, and those first two sentences 🙂

  • Be brave and begin. Powerful words, although I might say, begin and be brave. Like the woman who, seeking healing, reached out to touch Jesus’ garment. The reaching out was first and then The Lord turned to her and offered her courage.

    I haven’t really made a list yet. Much of 2013 will involve carrying on with things already begun. I’m thinking my theme word, though, might be “share”.

  • Great post, Pamela. On my list: (1) write every day, (2) get back on my diet and not put back on those 40 pounds I lost last year (3) be more generous…. Most important: Seek God and not my own pleasures and desires.


    • pamelahodges

      Joan sounds like there is less of you this year. I pray you have a wonderful year, eating well, writing and seeking God. Thank you for sharing your list.

  • Hmmm – what is on my list?
    I want to be healthier – I have already started this with my sister.
    I want to play with my kids more – I have also started this by getting them legos for Christmas and helping them build.
    I want to get rid of some clutter and make it easier to keep the house straight – been thinking about how to do this one. 🙂
    I want to spend less time on the computer – I have also started this one too by leaving my computer upstairs rather than bringing it with me when I get up in the morning.
    Ok – that is my list for now.

    • pamelahodges

      Michelle, thank you for sharing your list. Sounds like you didn’t wait until January first to start. You have already begun. A strong and brave woman, boldly making changes.