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Day #5 of: The search for my glasses

“Oh, where or where can my glasses be? My forgetfulness have taken them away from me?” Sung to the tune of, “Last Kiss”, written and preformed by Wayne Cochrane and the C.C. Riders in 1962. The song was later covered by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers in 1964, and by Pearl Jam in 1999.

I want to find my old pair of frames because a witch’s eyes need to be clearly seen.

I didn’t want to look in the couch for my glasses.

I still have not found my old pair of frames. I have looked for my glasses under my bed; in the glove compartment of my car, and today, I am going to looked in the couch. A few days ago I asked you to Please help me find my glasses.
Shelley DuPont who writes at prime tranformation asked, “Has anyone mentioned looking between the cushions on your couch/chair? Sometimes, things slide down between the cushions and the arm.”

Are my glasses in the glove compartment?

My glasses must be hiding. I seem to have a bad habit, of putting important objects in a “safe spot.” Remembering has become a problem. Last week, I thought I had missed an important meeting that was on February 17th. I was writing down the dates of my play practices, and wasn’t paying attention to what month I was looking at.

“Look for your glasses under your bed,” they said.

Yesterday I asked you to Please help me find my glasses. I promise to look in the places you suggest, and I will tell you what I find.
Chris Morris who blogs at sometimes Hope said, “My son has lost his under his bed about 7 times in the past year. I would look there.”

Kathleen Caron who blogs at full of life said, “Pamela, you need to look under your bed, way back in the dark corners. And check behind your nightstand, and the space between the bed and the nightstand.

Please help me find my glasses + a giveaway

I need help. I put my old pair of eyeglass frames in a “safe spot”, so that I would be able to find them if my new frames were broken or lost. I can not find my old frames. I have no idea where I put them. I can not remember where the “safe spot” is.

A painting of Despair

Despair is black.
DESPAIR is in all capital letters.
Despair filled my thoughts. I felt hopeless.

How to prevent your helicopter from crashing

The helicopter pilot I met at The Atsugi Naval base in Atsugi, Japan in 1990, told me when he trained to be a pilot he memorized routines on how to fly if something went wrong. If something stopped spinning he had a list of steps memorized on how to fix the problem.

It is time for a new bottle of Joy

I keep a bottle of Joy dish soap beside my sink. The dish soap Joy, isn’t any better than another brand. I could buy Dawn or Palmolive, I just need soap to get the dishes clean But my friend’s name is Joy, and I buy the brand name Joy, to remind me to pray for her.

I have a log in my eye

Good Morning. Just a minute, I can’ t see you clearly. I have to take this log out of my eye first. The log has been in my eye for at least a year, maybe longer.

The barking dog woke me up again

This morning I was woken up by a dog barking. It was 6:15 a.m. Normally I am awake at 5:00 a.m., or 4:58 a.m. I don’t use an alarm clock, my body just wakes up on its own. I want to write at 5:00, so my brain wakes me up a few minutes before. I have a head cold and my back hurts, so my brain was still sleeping at 6:15 a.m.

I hate to be woken by a barking dog.