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Starting a Benjamin Franklin Habit on January Second

Last night  I  fell asleep reading a book on how to create new habits. One of the habits I wanted to create this year was to go to bed at  ten, and wake up at five to write. I was reading the book on creating new habits at 11:46 P.M.

I woke up this morning before five, but didn’t get out of bed to write. The second day of the year and I already haven’t done what I want to do with my time.

Today is a fresh start. Tonight I will go to bed at ten, and tomorrow I will wake up at five.

I will do it today. I will go to bed at ten, and I will wake up at five.

Today will be different, because I am going to write it down. I will put my desires into writing. Pamela tonight will listen to what Pamela this morning wrote down.  I can help future Pamela by writing down what I want her to do.

Benjamin Franklin had a daily plan. There was structure to each of his days. Franklin accomplished a lot in his life. I want to do more with my life, then read the news eight times an hour, and check my e-mail every five minutes. I don’t want it to say on my tombstone: She undated her facebook status every five minutes, or  She never had a dirty dish in her sink.

No, I want more out of my life. I want time to create, time to be generous, time to read to my children, and make forts in the backyard. Okay, and a little bit of time to wash the dishes and dust. Just a little though.

I need structure.

Here is the new plan. Or, my new plan, Benjamin Franklin’s old plan. I will start each day asking the question: What good shall I do this day? And in the evening, I will ask myself, What good have I done today?  I will sleep from 10 until 5.  The rest of the day will be filled with written tasks.  If this plan worked for Benjamin Franklin, it will work for me.

Do you have a plan to create new habits? Please tell me. I need help.



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