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There is only one black stain you can clean by just asking


I boiled a pot dry, and burnt my spinach.

The pot is made of stainless steel by All Clad.

The pot was silver when I took it out of the box.   The pot is now black .  Cleaning the pot will take an effort.  I can not ask the pot to clean itself.  “Pot, will you please jump in the sink, and scrub yourself.  Here is the sponge and the cleaner.”

I can not send the dirty pot back to the store, and ask them to clean it. “Hello, I burnt my spinach. Will you please clean my pot for me.”

I burnt the pot. I have to clean it.

There only one black stain  I can clean  by just asking.

The black stain of my past mistakes, my sin.

I can not  use a scouring pad to scrub away the black stain of my past. I  can not take away the evil I have done by balancing it with good deeds.  I can not pay someone to take the black stain of my sin away.  I just have to ask.

I just have to ask and the black stain of my sins will be as far away as the east is from the west.

1 John 1:9

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Jesus scoured the black stain on my heart and made me white as snow.

I asked Jesus over twenty-five years ago to forgive me and  purify me. I am thankful for a new start, a fresh beginning.

I will remember his love for me as I start a new year being bold and proclaiming His name.

Now I have to go and clean my pot. Would you like to clean it for me?



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  • How ironic your post would be about burning your pots. Today, I made a batch of granola. I used my little hen timer, but got way-laid in looking for my art brushes. The granola got a bit of a sun-burn. Not only that, but the honey oozed over the side of the baking sheet and left a nice big mess at the bottom of my oven (that I just cleaned, yesterday). I dread having to scrape the mess off.

    I’ve had my share of messes in my life, too. I will never, ever forget the day Jesus cleaned me up from my sin nature and covered me with his blood. I still make messes, but John 1:9 is there to make me all shiny and new.

    • pamelahodges

      Oh Shelly, how funny that you burned a pot today as well. Yes, Jesus cleans up messes. A special day to remember. Hugs to you today Shelley. How did the oven clean-up go?

      • I’ve been so busy eating my granola, I forgot! : \

        • pamelahodges

          At least the oven will wait for you. Would you mind sharing your recipe? My kids want to make granola.

  • Robin Patrick

    Preach it, Sister! Isn’t forgiveness the most exquisite gift of all?

    I have to tell you that when I was reading your post an old friend came to mind. She literally would throw out pots that she didn’t want to clean!! I could never figure out how she could afford to do that but she did.

    • pamelahodges

      Robin, too funny. She would throw out pots she didn’t want to clean. Oh dear, you just brought back a memory of a stock pot I put in the trash. It had a chicken in that I had frozen in the basement freezer. It was unplugged for over a month. I couldn’t stand the smell and threw away the pot.
      Yes, the best present is forgiveness. Thank you for commenting.