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My ping pong table is crying

This morning when I went in the basement to let the dog out, I heard someone  crying.  It wasn’t Batman, he was still guarding the water heater. It wasn’t Superman, he was helping Batman. The sound was coming from behind them.

The ping-pong table, Joola, was crying.

Through her tears she said, “Please Mrs. Hodges. Will you please move this cow, and sort through these boxes. Please stop writing all the time, and get rid of this clutter. Please Mrs. Hodges, will you just take an hour a day, and work on the basement. I want to be played on. I miss the sound of children’s laughter. ”

“Oh, yes Joola, I’m so sorry. I had no idea how my procrastination has affected you.  Today I will work in the basement for one hour.” I replied.

As I walked back upstairs I realized my ping-pong table, Joola was right. I need to take care of my clutter and not write all of the time. I had been waiting for one day to clean the mess all at once. I will listen to Joola, and work today for one hour  in the basement. In a week the basement will have been worked on for six hours. (Sunday’s I rest.)

I don’t like to listen to a ping-pong table cry.

Is there a project you have been delaying, because you wanted to work on it all at once?  What project can you start today, for one hour?  Thirty minutes? Ten minutes?

Please tell me in the comments, I would love to know what you are working on.


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  • Chris

    I worked on my closet for over three hours on Thursday, and today I repotted/ cleaned up the outdoor plants that had been covered on the porch for the last three months. I had foolishly thought I could repot all of my plants, indoors and out, in a day…but I was happy to get as much stuff as I could get done. I use a timer to get myself to work for 45 minutes at a time, seems to help!

    • pamelahodges

      I will try the timer idea. I tend to wander and not get anything done in the house. I will eat my elephant, one hour at a time.

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  • My inner procrastinator just winced big time. Good one. I live in a little one-room place. (I’d call it an apartment, but it’s too small for that title. I usually call it the Cubbyhole, half in jest.) I’ve been putting off reorganizing things in there-amazing how things can get disorganized sometimes in such a small space!

    • pamelahodges

      Susie, what is crying in your Cubbyhole? Yes, isn’t it amazing how things can get so disorganized, small or big spaces. I hope you can at least find your door.

      • I can find the door…the question is, can I get around all of the junk to open it? 😉 Only kidding of course.

  • Brad Veitch

    Great creativity with this simple reminder message! Love it Pamela. I think I am hearing some crying, too. Yes, that’s crying. Seems like it is coming from the garage. I’d better go.

    • pamelahodges

      Oh dear Brad, what did you find in the garage when you went out there? I am curious to know who was crying. Was it your car? or maybe a box that needs to be sorted? Hmm, I am curious.

      • Brad Veitch

        The treadmill was crying. And the bike. And the boxes over there. And… It was sad, very sad.

        • pamelahodges

          Oh dear, your garage must have noisy with the bike, treadmill and boxes all crying. Maybe the bike just needs some fresh air.

  • Okay. Yes, I could sit every day and write and read and write closing my ears to all the areas that are screaming at me to lift the burden of stress they do not deserve. Since hubby is in the gutting process of our Jack and Jill bathroom (upstairs), it’s put everything in chaos. However… after I painted my downstairs bedroom closet, we bought one of those closet organizer things. I really like it.

    Clothes are hanging, neatly. There are shelves for my photoboxes and toilet paper. I even have a lower shelf for shoes. It’s the most organized room in the house. I keep opening the door to look at it, trying to remind myself the rest of the house will follow suit in due time.

    (Sorry this got so long). (PS) Where did you get those life-sized super heroes? My grandsons would love them!

    • pamelahodges

      Shelley, I am so happy to hear from you. I loved to hear what you are working on in your home. It sounds like your home is under construction, with a bathroom being gutted. My husband got the super heroes from his office when they moved. They can be scary late at night, when I forget they are there. 🙂