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Please help me find my glasses + a giveaway

I need help.

I put my old pair of eyeglass  frames in a “safe spot”, so that I would be able to find them if my new frames were broken or lost.  I can not find my old frames. I have no idea where I put them. I can not remember where the “safe spot” is.

I did find six eyeglass cases. Two of the cases were empty. Four of the eyeglass cases had glasses in them; an old pair of my son’s frames, my frames from 1990 that I was wearing when I met my husband, my frames from 1995 that I wore when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, and a pair of my frames from California I wore when I rode a horse up a hill.

I found six glass cases and four frames.

My new pair of red eyeglasses have the special transition tint added to them. When I walk outside the lens go dark. When I walk back inside the lens stay dark. The lens never go completely clear. If I walk by an open window the lens will get darker. If I am sitting on the floor doing sit-ups under a bright light, the lens go darker.

My red frames with the transition tint on them.

The company where I purchased the eyeglass frames will send the glasses back and remove the coating that darkens the lens.


I have to find my old frames, so I can see to drive, while they fix my red frames. Me driving without my glasses would not be wise.

Where do you think I should look for my old frames?

Please leave your suggestion in the comments. I promise to look where you suggest.

1. Please share my post with your friends,  tweet, call your mother, tell your cousin.  I need a lot of help.  Then come and tell my where you think my frames are.
2. I will be drawing randomly from all entrants for Learn To Improve Your Memory, a book by Robert Knightwell.  Knightwell says:  A person’s memory is just like a muscle. The more it is used, the stronger it gets. When neglected, it atrophies and becomes weak.

3. My poor brain must be very weak.  I am going to order two books, one for the winner and one for me. I haven’t read the book yet. When the book arrives I will put it in a “safe spot.”

4. Sunday, February 3rd, 2013,  at 1:00 p.m EST, I will use a Random Number Generator to choose the winner.  That gives you a week to help me find my old pair of eyeglass frames.

Thank you for your assistance.  I really do need your help.

P.S. I haven’t read the book yet, but I think I need to. The book above is an affiliate link on Amazon. With four cats, the extra pennies will help buy kitty litter. The book doesn’t cost you any more if you bought it here.  Or just wait, you may win it next Sunday.


The book was won by Kathleen Caron, who writes atfull of life: soul food.


The glasses were found on Febuary 14th, at 6:45 p.m. in my sock drawer, eighteen days after the search began.


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  • Pamela,

    Take a book and put it in your hand. Pretend that it is the new book you are ordering. Go put it in a safe place. and when you get there, you’ll see your glasses!!

    Loved the post. I can relate.

    • pamelahodges

      My copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield arrived today. I think I will go and put in in my sock drawer. I will let you know what I find.

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  • Pamela, if you put your glasses somewhere, you know where they are. So, say a prayer to St. Fanourios who helps find lost things and promise him sweet bread (I will make it for you and take it to church) Then, roll your eyes all around, as high and as outwards as you can to the point that you get tired. This stimulates the part of the brain where memories hide, and you remember. It works for me all the time. Did you look in all drawers and purses? Good luck!

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Katina, I rolled my eyes around and now I feel dizzy. I think the eye rolling stimulated the part of my brain that doesn’t like roller coasters, not the memory part. Oh dear. I will keep looking.

  • This looks serious, Pamela. Could they be on your dresser underneath a piece of clothing? Maybe they are under your pillow waiting for you to read that book you found under your bed. Did you run your hand down the side of your couch, or underneath one of the couch pillows?

    I hope you find them soon.

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Shelley, yes this is serious. I just can not seem to find them. I will look in some of the places you suggested.
      I hope I find them soon too. Thank you for helping me find my glasses. 🙂

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  • Robin Patrick

    I too have misplaced my glasses. again. sigh.
    I can tell you where I have been looking and maybe that will help.
    I looked in the car itself because I don’t need my glasses except for driving and watching tv so sometimes I will take them off when I get to my destination.
    I looked down in the couch cushions because there is a whole separate world living down in my couch cushions.
    I looked under my bedroom dresser. There are a few things living there also.
    I looked in my purses. I have several purses and have a habit of changing them on a whim.
    I too looked in old glasses cases. (which are good for storing lots of stuff like your earbuds all rolled up and secure.)
    I looked on the shelves in the bathroom thinking I might have taken them off while I cleaned my face or brushed my teeth.
    I looked on my craft table. My glasses are burgundy red and so are a lot of things on my craft table.
    I looked on my husbands desk think that he might have seen them and thought he would “save” them from being lost.
    I have not found my glasses but I am praying that you find yours!

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Robin for all of your suggestions. I will look in some of the places you suggested. I pray you find yours.

  • Okay – I’m admitting something here. I only use my glasses for reading and computer work. I can’t see across the room if I have them on, so I often put them on top of my head. And then sometimes, when I really need them to see, I forget they are there.

    So….you might try that. 🙂 Then, as Anastasia suggested, question Pooh! Cats are always up to some mischief!

    • pamelahodges

      Joan, I will go in the bathroom now and look in the mirror. I will let you know if they are on top of my head… Just got back, there were no glasses on top of my head. Thank you for your suggestion. I will look there again tomorrow.

  • Anastasia

    I don’t think your mind.
    I think it’s a plot put on by Pooh.
    I recommend you question the cat!

    • Anastasia

      Oops! It should have said I don’t think you’ve lost your mind.

      • pamelahodges

        Anastasia, what a good idea. I will have to ask Pooh. He is so wise, and I do work for him, perhaps he knows where my glasses are.

  • Jennifer

    My son just found his glasses after they were missing for 3 days. After we had torn apart his bedroom I asked him to sit down and think about the last time he wore them. He remembered watching a tv show 3 days prior and he realized he put the glasses on one of the shelves on the entertainment center. And there the glasses were! Good luck!

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Jennifer, thank you for your suggestion. I am glad your son found his glasses. Maybe mine are on the entertainment center as well.

  • Sue

    Here’s a trick that has often worked for me. Close your eyes, quiet your mind and picture your lost item very clearly. Then look closely at what surrounds your item in the mental picture for a clue to where it is. I used this to find a lost contac lens at a friend’s house. I clearly saw the contact and it was sitting on a multicolored, patterned background in my mental picture. I searched the house until I found that background and found my contac on an area rug with that pattern in the corner of the bedroom I was staying in. This trick has worked frequently for me…..I guess it can’t hurt for you to try, eh?

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Sue, I love this idea. I will try it. Oh dear, I saw the glasses case surrounded by boxes in the basement. I will keep trying, maybe I will see more details. Or maybe it was in my sock drawer?

  • Pamela, you need to look under your bed, way back in the dark corners. And check behind your nightstand, and the space between the bed and the nightstand. Are you sure you want hold your drawing during the Superbowl? I hope you find your glasses.

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Kathleen, I will check in the dark corners and behind the nightstand, and in the space between the bed and the nightstand. I am excited to go on a mystery hunt, led by you!

  • My son has lost his under his bed about 7 times in the past year. I would look there 🙂

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Chris, I will check under the bed. I hope they are there.