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Are my glasses in the glove compartment?

My glasses must be hiding. I seem to have a bad habit, of putting important objects in a “safe spot.”  Remembering has become a problem.  Last week, I thought I had missed an important meeting that was on February 17th.  I was writing down the dates of my play practices, and wasn’t paying attention to what month I was looking at.

My daughter kindly reminded me, “Mom, it’s still January.”  Minor detail really, I was just a month off.

Maybe, that’s my problem, I don’t pay attention to details.

I really need to read the book,  Learn To Improve Your Memory, by Robert Knightwell.  The book will be given away to someone who gives me an idea where to look for my glasses, and shares my story, Please help me find my glasses.  

The Lucky Glasses Guesser will be chosen by a random number generator on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013,  at 1:00 p.m EST. 

Robin, has also lost her glasses. “I too have misplaced my glasses, again. Sigh. I can tell you where I have been looking and maybe that will help.  I looked in the car itself because I don’t need my glasses except for driving and watching TV so sometimes I will take them off when I get to my destination.”

Today I will look in the car. Thank you Robin for your suggestion.

What is in the glove compartment?

In the glove compartment at 2:13 p.m. on January 29, 2013 were:

1.  A can of King Oscar Tiny Tot sardines. You never know when you or a homeless person might be hungry.
2.  Two Sonoco Gas Decals. The Official fuel of Nascar. I buy my gas here with discounts from our grocery store.
3.  One Sylvania Longlife 2357 A light bulb. The blinker light keeps going out.
4.  First Aid kit that contains 4 alcohol wipes, and five band-aids.
5.  One bottle of Advil, 200 mg, 24 tablets. Two tablets are missing. Someone must have had a 400 mg headache.
6.  A faded Sunoco receipt. Saved in case I needed to write a grocery list.
7.  A .85 oz tube of Crest Complete toothpaste. A free sample from the orthodontist’s office.
8.  A roll of gauze. In case a band-aid is too small.
9.  A stack of yellow post it notes. I writer must be prepared.
10. A green metal crochet hook.  You never know when you may need one.
11.  Two American pennies; 2002, the year my daughter was born, and 1978, the year I turned twenty.
12.  Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, 2HB with the eraser gone. Writers don’t erase, we cross out.
13.  5 bobby pins.
14.  Two toothpicks, used. What was I saving them for?
15.  Four band-aid wrappers.
16.  One small rock. Would that be a pebble? Or is a pebble still a rock?
17.  A smog certificate that expires in November of 2013.
18.  Two smog certificates that expired in November, 2011, and 2012.
19. A map of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. George Washington camped there one winter.
20.  A gun safety guide for an Airsoft Pistol. The has a yellow tip, but we sprayed it with gold paint.
21.  A discount coupon for Weaver’s Orchard that expired in 2012. Never did go back to use it. Good marketing.
22. A cover for a phone I don’t use anymore.
23. A Belkin Tune Audio, model #78MO66. I don’t know what it does.
24. An empty envelope with GAS written on it.
25.  A manual lap counter. I like to know how many times I have walked in a circle.
26. Ear plugs, Higher 32 Hedros, with ultimate softness.  I don’t like sitting near the speakers at a concert.
27.  One Zand lollipop wrapper. My kids like the lollipops at the bank.
28.  My grocery list for toilet paper and Papa John’s pizza. What else do you need beside toilet paper and pizza?

Oh, I know what I need besides toilet paper and pizza. My glasses!

The contents of the glove compartment.

Where do you think I should look tomorrow?  I will look, I promise.

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  • I lose lots of things. but rarely my glasses- I can’t see much past the end of my nose without them (although I do often take them off and put things with small print that I need to read right in front of my nose so I can see it). Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I forget whether I put them on the nightstand or the dresser the night before. Or by the sink in the bathroom. Or on top of the chest. Occasionally, I lay them on top of the covers at night, and they get covered up. The search is usually over after a frantic minute or two. The thing is, they are never lost…they are exactly where I put them.

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  • Jaana

    Pamela, way too funny! I have students who come to school without their glasses. When I ask, how did you not realize your glasses were missing? They usually can’t articulate. Most of them eventually find their glasses, so there is hope for you too:-)
    I vote for looking for your glasses in the car; under your seat, seat pockets, etc. Good luck!

  • Nanc

    My office and backback look like your glove compartment. I love it…thanks for being my partner in saving worthless things…

    like… A discount coupon for Weaver’s Orchard that expired in 2012. Never did go back to use it. Good marketing.

    Hmmm…my best idea is just sprinkle your glasses around like pacifiers like I do, then one will always be available, well, I buy my glasses at Walgreens so maybe not a great idea if you aren’t as cheap as me!

    I would look near the toilet somewhere, because maybe you had to use the facility and then realized that you didn’t need your glasses to do your duty. XO nanc

    • pamelahodges

      Nancy, I will look in the bathroom. I would love to have more pairs of glasses, however my lens could be used to man the Hubble Telescope, so the cost prevents sprinkling them like pacifiers. Great line, by the way. All the best, Pamela

  • Has anyone mentioned looking between the cushions on your couch/chair? Sometimes, things slide down between the cushions and the arm. Oh..look in your art supplies. I remember someone mentioning looking in your basement. I think she’s right.

    Good luck, Pamela Hodges.

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Shelley, tomorrow the search continues in the living room, by searching in the couch. Oh my, I may have to wear gloves. It could be nasty.
      I promise to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  • Maybe Pooh has your glasses. Check his favorite hiding spots.

    BTW: I empathize with your glasses plight. My little one just cost me a couple hundred bucks because she decided to bend my rimless glasses in opposite directions. Because she’s two. Nice, right?

    The only thing worse than watching them get broken is having them completely go missing. Good luck on your search!

    BTW: Please send me your blog logo for the SOLSC Prize Giveaway. THANKS!

    • pamelahodges

      Stacey, do your glasses look like the moon? How sad, and funny all at the same time. I will send the logo tomorrow. So excited for March. It will be like a family reunion.

  • Oh Pamela, I lose my glasses all the time. My kids have become expert glasses finders. One time I thought I’d lost them for good. They’d been missing for days. I’d looked everywhere. Then, after doing the laundry that had been sitting on the bathroom floor for a week, I found them. They were tangled in an afghan from the couch that I’d thrown in the laundry pile. They’d gone through the washer and the dryer and I was worried they’d be damaged, but they were just fine. And very clean.

    Pamela, maybe your glasses are in the laundry?

    • pamelahodges

      Janelle, that is the funniest thing I have read all day. I am amazed that your glasses were not damaged. I will have to look in the laundry soon. Or in the pile of blanketson the floor.