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I didn’t want to look in the couch for my glasses.

Are my glasses in the couch?

I still have not found my old pair of frames. I have looked for my glasses under my bed; in the glove compartment of my car, and today, I am going to look in the couch.  A few days ago I asked you to Please help me find my glasses.

Shelley DuPont who writes at prime tranformation asked, “Has anyone mentioned looking between the cushions on your couch/chair? Sometimes, things slide down between the cushions and the arm.”

The couch is a scary place to look. Food falls between the cushions, there may be something rotten in there. The only way to  search safely was to wear rubber gloves. Premium, multi-purpose,  gloves, size medium, with super gripping diamond surface.

My purple gloves were 20 ml thick and extra long. I was prepared to face the couch in my super soft, absorbent, cotton, flocked lining.

Yes, Shelley, sometimes things do slide down behind the cushions. Here is what I found in the couch at 3:14 p.m. EST, January 30, 2013

What was in the couch on January 30, 2013?

1.  One Crayola felt pen, color Blue, or Azul or Bleu, depending on the language you want to use. Still the same color. Different name.
2.  One Dixon Ticonderoga  pencil, 2HB with an erasure. Sometimes you need to change your spelling on a word.
3.  A lid to a felt pen. We were looking for it last night. Now the pen is dried out.
4.  The wrapper to a sweet tart. It wasn’t me, I don’t eat sugar.
5.  A hand-made library card. My youngest daughter made it for my husband. A valuable item. Can’t get books without it.
6.  A band-aid wrapper. I notice  a theme here. I don’t think anyone throws away their wrappers. They are in the car or the couch.
7.  A penny from 2003. A good year, but not special. No one was born or died that year in my family.
8.   An empty medicine wrapper.
9.   An ink cartridge. I don’t use these. Maybe it was someone who was visiting. I wonder if they want it back?
10.  A double bubble wrapper. Glad it was just the wrapper and not the gum.
11. A brown shoelace, with one aglet missing.
12.  A green elastic band. I need this to close a package. A good find, you can never have too many rubber bands.
13.  A Microsoft Mouse. My husband was looking for this yesterday. He must have sat on the couch.
14.  A tan wooden checker piece.  Needed that one a few nights ago. I was winning and needed to make more Kings.
15.  A yellow three-inch kinex piece.  Didn’t miss this one. We have a bin full of them.
16.  One tab from a soda can. I will save this, if I can not find my flat-headed screwdriver.
17.  One Duracell battery, double A, 1.5 volts, expires in march 2016. Our batteries don’t live longer than a month.
18.  Nine kernels of popcorn.  I am hungry, but not that hungry.

This job requires rubber gloves.

My glasses were not in the couch. I wonder where I will look tomorrow?

1. Please share my post with your friends,  tweet, call your mother, tell your cousin.  I need a lot of help.  Then come and tell my where you think my frames are.

2. I will be drawing randomly from all entrants for Learn To Improve Your Memory, a book by Robert Knightwell.  Knightwell says:  A person’s memory is just like a muscle. The more it is used, the stronger it gets. When neglected, it atrophies and becomes weak.

3. My poor brain must be very weak.  I am going to order two books, one for the winner and one for me. I haven’t read the book yet. When the book arrives I will put it in a “safe spot.”

4. Sunday, February 3rd, 2013,  at 1:00 p.m EST, I will use a Random Number Generator to choose the winner.  That gives you a week to help me find my old pair of eyeglass frames.

Thank you for your assistance.  I really do need your help.

P.S. I haven’t read the book yet, but I think I need to. The book above is an affiliate link on Amazon. With four cats, the extra pennies will help buy kitty litter. The book doesn’t cost you any more if you bought it here.  Or just wait, you may win it next Sunday.

Please leave your suggestion in the comments. I promise to look where you suggest.



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  • So sorry to hear your glasses weren’t located in the couch area; however, more little treasures are being unearthed. I love following your posts. It’s like being on a scavenger hunt (in a way).

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Shelley, thank you for your suggestion to look in the couch. I just put the cushions back on. The good thing about looking for my glasses is the house is getting clean. And, my husband has his computer mouse back.

  • Sunny Rowe

    I must say I have been guilty of putting lettuce in the towel drawer, so perhaps your glasses are in the vegetable bin of the frig! I like MelAnn’s suggestion, too. As regards safe places, I once put a set of good jewelry in a safe place.. I never did find it. But don’t lose hope! (try acting like you don’t care and they will come out of hiding) :o)

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Sunny, so nice of you to comment. I didn’t see my glasses in the lettuce drawer in the fridge. Perhaps they are in the clothes closet with my towels. Oh dear, you can’t find your good jewelry? It is in a very safe place.
      I will pretend I don’t care, and see if that helps.
      All the best,

  • MelAnn

    I know I gave you some other suggestions but one more… The sure fire way I have of finding something I’ve lost is to lose something else and start looking for it!

    • pamelahodges

      MelAnn, what a good idea. I can not find my car keys. I had to use the spare key to drive today. Perhaps my glasses and my keys are in the same place. hmmm