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Day #5 of: The search for my glasses

Are my glasses in my bedside table?

“Oh, where or where can my glasses be? My forgetfulness took them away from me?” Sung to the tune of, “Last Kiss”, written and  preformed by Wayne Cochrane and the C.C. Riders in 1962.  The song was later covered by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers in 1964, and by Pearl Jam in 1999.

I want to find my old pair of frames because a witch’s eyes need to be clearly seen.

I am  The Wicked Witch of the West on March 8, 9th and 10th in , Dorothy Meets Alice, at DCP Theatre in Telford, Pennsylvania. My glasses will get dark under the bright lights. The audience must be able to see the whites of the witches eyes, my eyes. I am going to take my glasses back to the store and have the transition taken out. I need to find my old glasses so I have something to wear while they fix my glasses.

Mel Ann Molares who writes at Life is A Journey, suggested, looking in my bedside table. She said, “I am known to use a desk drawer, bedside table drawer or a closet shelf for my “safe spots” …. Other than that, no clue!”

I really have no clue as well.  A few people suggested looking in the basement. I am avoiding going there. My basement is scary. I have a ping pong table, Joola,  that is crying all the time, and boxes and boxes and boxes.

On January 31, 2013 at 5:01 p.m. in my bedside table there was:

Drawer #1

Drawer Number 1
1.  One eraser by Pentel. My favorite kind.
2.  One nail file with a pink ribbon. My mother gave it to me. I have had it for over thirty years. Or maybe I borrowed it.
3. One green ear plug.  Where is the other one?
4.  One Buck Knife Model #503 that I bought in Oregon in 1989.  Made in the USA.
5.  A blue Celebrate Recovery chip. Because, my grace is enough for you.
6.  One Crayola paintbrush. I paint with pallet knifes, because I forget to wash the brushes.
7.  A pen from The Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine. I found it under my bed when I looked for my glasses there.
8.  Three one dollar bills.
9.  A vintage rhinestone bracelet, and one matching earring. I am still looking for the other earring.
10.  A buck knife, Made in China, model #284. I bought this when I couldn’t find my Model #503 Buck knife.
11.  Three Lego minifigures, a bat, a business man, and an alien. I collect them.
12.  A 2002 dime, and a 1996 penny. My daughter was born in 2002. The penny is random.
13.  Two bobby pins. I was a Queen today, and wore my hair in a bun.
14.  One glass frog prince with a crown.
15. A container of Book Darts purchased for ten Canadian dollars at Laywine’s at 24 Bellair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2012.
16.  Five of my business cards. I have to get new ones printed with the URL for my blog.
17.  Two band aids.
18.  One Blue Click  0.7 Pencil, PD 277. I prefer the Click 0.9 now. Do you want a pencil?
19. A Membership Card to The Philadephia Museum of Art. I should go more often.

Drawer #2

Drawer #2

1.  Two pocket knifes.
2. One broken pucca bead necklace.
3.  My key from my 1962 Push Button Automatic Valiant, my first car, in 1979.
4.  A 1958 Rowdy’s Round Up pin from 1958, for Veterans of Foreign Wars. The year I was born, bought it on Ebay.
5.  Four paper clips. I could have used these yesterday.
6.  Two black hair elastics. I wear a braid, I am always needing them.
7.  One 1990 quarter. The year Nick and I met in Japan, and were married in Minnesota.
8.  A pair of scissors that are safe to use to cut nose hairs.
9.  One small flat head screwdriver. Hey, I don’t have to use a dime now.
10. One yellow Lego head. Where is the rest of him?
15.  The Millennium stamp Collection from Canada. I should send them to my Mom when she writes to me.
16.  A picture of my oldest in her 4-H uniform with her market goat.
17.  A business card from my cousin, Bryon Bellows, the composer.
18.  Keys from the house we rented in Boulder Creek, California. I miss my trees.
19. A Mini Maglite LED AA. Made in Ontario, Canada. The country where I was born.
20. An orange arm band with Nothing’s Too Hard For God written on it.

Drawer #3


1.  One hand made sock puppet with blue button eyes, and yarn hair. Oh, that is where it is. I made it for my friends son last year.
2.  One church program from Morningstar Fellowship, August 26, 2012.
3.   One Silver Bolo Tie that I bought in Arizona in 1989 when I visited my friends Barbara and Stephen on my way back to Tokyo.
4.  One container of yellow silly putty, and one red lid for silly putty.  A good item to have on hand.
5.  A ring my father made for my out of ivory.
6.  One green twist tie.
7.  A receipt from Liberty Thrift Store from November 13, 2012.
8.  A bottle of gold glitter. An essential item.
9.  Five dollars in coupons for Colonial Gardens that expired on July 14th, 2012
10. Two silver bracelets from Morocco, when I went there in 1990 to take pictures for a Japanese client.
11. A GLASSES CASE. Could this case contain the frames I was looking for?

I opened the case.

It was empty.


Oh dear. My old pair of glasses were not in my bedside table. Please help me find my glasses.

Tomorrow is another day.  Where do you want me to look now?



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  • I feel bad. I’m really good at finding things, in fact my Twitter bio says “I’m really good at finding stuff.” But I have not been able to help you find your glasses. I’m afraid what you need to do is backtrack everyplace you have been since you lost your glasses. And you need to look in the basement.

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Kathleen, thank you for all of your suggestions. I will have to put on a brave face and go and look in the basement. Sigh.

  • Rebekah

    Bathroom drawers and under the sinks – all the bathrooms.

    • pamelahodges

      I will look there. Thank you Rebekah for your suggestion. Did you recognize my bedside table?