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Are you willing to listen to the director?

I am The Wicked Witch of the West. I live in the Land of Oz. My monkeys have rigged up a counter-weight system to help me fly. My purpose in life is to find the ruby-red slippers that are on the feet of the detestable Dorothy. I am mean. I am nasty. I am a villain.

Get up early and change your life: An audio interview with Andy Traub

Andy Traub, the author of Early To Rise, woke up early, shoveled six inches of snow, and drove in 11 degree weather to come to his studio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to talk to us about his book. For 31 minutes and 15 seconds we talked how you can change your life just by waking up early. It was a pleasure to have coffee with Andy over the internet. Please listen to the interview. It could change your life.

Unclutter your brain in five easy steps

I carry a notebook where I write down what I am supposed to remember. Tomorrow night I have to bring my metal garbage can and lid to rehearsal for the play Dorothy Meets Alice. The director wants to use the garbage can to create a loud noise off stage. The sound of The Wicked Witch of the West falling out of the sky, because the monkeys did not use enough counter weights.

Why I will always buy my glasses at Costco

Last year I bought a pair of red frames at Costco. I paid $45.00 extra for transition lens. The lens darkened when I stepped outside into the sun. The transition lens got dark just as they were suppose to. Worked great. But, I didn’t like them anymore. I wanted clear lens. I changed my mind.

Where do you store your treasures?

When I go shopping I take my time making a purchase. I go to the store several times and look carefully at what I want to buy. I tell myself I need it. I don’t just want to buy the item. I need to buy it.

5 reasons why you should do it afraid.

Do you live in fear of trying new things? Have you ever felt like you were walking the plank?

Today I walked the plank. Today I stepped out on to a wooden plank from a tall ship. The plank was over the ocean. In the water were sharks waiting to eat me if I fell off. I was scared to try something new. I was afraid of the sharks.

What will you do today with your hands?

Dear God, “Thank you for my hands.” I don’t want to take my hands for granted. I like my hands. Some people don’t have hands. Some people don’t have fingers on each hand.
My hands are typing on my computer. My family is still asleep. It is black outside my window. My cat Pooh is sitting beside me. He is waiting for his turn to write. He dictates and I type his stories. He writes at the cat who writes.com

Fourteen ways to make sure you never get anything done

Is there something you really want to do? A book you want to write? A fence you want to build? A dress you want to sew? A path you want walk on? Have you done it yet?
Someone asked me the other day if I wrote anything beside a blog. I said to her, “I am writing a book.” I realized I like to say, “I am writing a book.” But I haven’t actually been working on the book. I just like to talk about writing my book. I like to say,”I am doing it.” I could say that for years, and never finish my manuscript.

You know you are a hoarder when:

This morning I started to write about hoarding. It was supposed to be a playful article. I was going to pretend I was a hoarder when really I am just disorganized. After doing research on the internet, I realized, “I am a hoarder.”

It’s your talking time: a guest post with Kathleen Caron

My friend, Kathleen Caron, is guest posting here today. Please make her feel welcome. It is “Her talking time today.” Kathleen lives in Northern Virginia with her husband Doric and three children, Marie, James and Joe. She writes about food, family and faith at full of life: soul food.