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Will you quit if you fail?


This picture was taken in a room with no lights on and the door closed. This is a simulation of Bluehost on February 2nd at 17:58 p.m. 2013.

This picture was taken in a room with no lights on and the door closed. This is a simulation of Bluehost on February 2nd at 17:58 p.m. 2013.

“That’s the night the lights went out at Bluehost,
That’s the night 2,207,246 blogs went down.”

Please sing the above two lines to the tune of  ” The Night  The Lights Went Out in Georgia”  The song was written by songwriter Bobby Russell and preformed by his wife at the time, Vicky Lawrence. The song was later covered by Reba McEntire in 1991.

Last night I considered not continuing my plan to write every day. I missed a day. I didn’t post on February 2nd, 2013 because my hosting site was down.

On February 2nd at 17:48 p.m.  a transformer blew out and cut power to a section of the data center at  Bluehost. Their servers were down for four hours and one minute. The site was back up at 21:59 p.m.

The voice in my head said, “Quit now Hodges, you  missed a day. You might as well just quit now. No sense trying to write every day. You already blew it. You should have written your story in the morning, and not left it until the last-minute.”

I said  to the voice in my brain, “I didn’t write in the morning because I was reading to my daughter, and then we sewed stuffed animals out of polar fleece, and then I ate, and then I brushed my teeth, and then I cleaned the litter boxes, and then I fed the dog and the cats, and then I played two games of chess, and then I took my son to the store, and then I picked my daughter up at work, and then we went shopping, and then I sang to my youngest and read to her.  After all that I sat down to write. I didn’t leave it to the last-minute, it was all planned.”

“Nope, better quit now. You missed a day. You didn’t do what you said. You failed.”

Our life is what our thoughts make it.

-Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
(His full name as emperor)

I will listen to The emperor and not the negative sound track that loops in my brain. I will think nice things about myself.

I will tell the voice in my head, “Shut-up stupid voice. Quit telling me lies. I will not quit. The bloody server was down. It is not my fault. Go away. God make me special and He loves me very much. Hey, dumb voice, go watch a Veggie Tales movie, and leave me alone.”

I will not quit.

I will keep writing – every day. I do not have to be perfect.

Do you quit if you fail?



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  • Since I was a child, my modus operandi has been to quit whenever I fail, and preferably, BEFORE I fail. But now … I am finally unlearning that. Just heard Bill Purvis this morning talking about how, one day, he met a marathoner and asked him how he did it. He said, “If I think about the negatives, I’ll quit. To make it to the finish line, I intentionally think about all the positives.” Good advice for me as I start this adventure of blogging and speaking. My negative thinking must be replaced with a focus on the positives. And what that means to me is … I focus on the truth of what God says.

    • pamelahodges

      Hello Anita, Thank you for stopping by. Yes, to focus on the positives, and the truth. Jesus loves me, just like the song we sing.

  • I love how you chose the best things over the good. Reading and sewing with your daughter are far more important than writing. Thank you for sharing that it’s ok to switch around your priorities!

    • pamelahodges

      Thank you Stephanie. Writing will fit in there somewhere.

  • I’m reading the same Seth book! Great minds.

    I don’t quit–I just “change my mind” and that is the story I tell myself.

    My definition of failing is–not trying!

    Be Blessed!

    • That reminds me of a time my son and I were playing a game and he quit.. When I called him out on it he said “I didn’t quit, I was done” haha!

    • pamelahodges

      Renee, yes, failing is not trying. And quitting is sometimes a good thing. You realize you don’t want to raise mink for coats anymore, you want to raise lettuce for salads. Or you are finished playing a game.

  • Loved your visual. I resonate with this post because sometimes I don’t go toward the things unless I’m pretty certain I will succeed. Perfectionism, is a hard beast to kill.

    • pamelahodges

      Good Morning Anne. I am the same as you. Only trying if I think I will succeed. I am reading Seth Godin’s latest book. “The Icarus Deception.” The concept of daring to be different, has helped me to shut up the negative sound track in my head.
      Hey, Anne, lets go hunting for the Perfectionism Beast together. I know how to set a trap line.

    • Perfectionism….oh it’s an awful thing!