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5 reasons why you should do it afraid.

The sharks were really goldfish.

Do you live in fear of trying new things? Have you ever felt like you were walking the plank?

Today I walked the plank. Today I stepped out on to a wooden plank from a tall ship. The plank was over the ocean. In the water were sharks waiting to eat me if I fell off. I was scared to try something new. I was afraid of the sharks.

 I didn’t fall off.

The wooden plank was wider than I thought. The sharks were actually goldfish, and the water was warm if I fell.

Today I did an audio interview with Andy Traub, the author of  Early To Rise. We finished the interview a few minutes ago. The post will go live on Tuesday, February 26th.  Andy will tell you why you need to get out of bed early and how your life will change once you do.

Andy will also be giving away two copies of his book, Early to Rise for readers who comment and share the post. At the end of the audio interview Andy has a special incentive for listeners who buy his book. Writers from South Dakota are very generous. Maybe it is all the snow they have to shovel.

A few days ago I sent  Andy Traub an e-mail asking  for permission to interview him about his book, Early to Rise.

He wrote back with a one word question.


I replied, “I hadn’t thought of that. That would be fun.”

Fun, ha. I was terrified. I had no idea how to do an audio interview. I didn’t have a clue how to add a link to audio on my blog. I didn’t even have Skype set up on my computer.

I said yes to an audio interview with Andy Traub. I was going to do it afraid.

Why you should do it afraid.

1. The sharks are not really there. The sharks are only in your mind.
2. There is always someone to help if you ask. My husband helped me install Skype on my computer, and Andy helped me add an audio player plug-in on my blog.
3. You will learn something new. I know how to add sound to my blog now.
4. You will feel brave. The bravery will get into your DNA and you will continue to try new things. I think I can clean my basement now.
5. Fear will become  weaker. The sharks will become goldfish as you become brave. There are no sharks in my basement.

I look forward to sharing Andy Traub’s interview with you next  Tuesday, February 26th, 2013. He shoveled six inches of snow to get to his studio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this morning. I am glad he did. It was fun to interview him. There were no sharks.

Have you ever done something afraid?

Please let me know in the comments.

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  • I love all of these new things you’re doing, Pamela! Your interviews are great, but I’m actually more fascinated with your courage in contacting these authors and diving on with your questions. Brava!!

    • Thank you Stacie. I have learned so much by talking to authors I thought walked on water. Who would have thought an author is just a real person who conquered fear.

  • This is awesome! You continue to inspire and motivate me, my friend!

  • Robin Patrick

    Wowsa, you go girl! How exciting is that? Proud of you for stepping out over the fearful abyss.
    I really appreciated your words, especially since they went exactly with my Bible study this morning. How does He do that? I also appreciate it because fear makes me shut down, put things off, and become withdrawn. Fear is not from God – so I need to face it.
    Thanks Pamela.

    • pamelahodges

      Robin, that is so cool. Seriously? My story went with your Bible study this morning. Wow. God is looking out for you Robin Patrick. He has plans for you. Plans to keep the sharks away. Walk out on the plank Robin. God has your back.