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Take care of The Bottom Line: a guest post with Pooh Hodges

Pooh Hodges, the cat I am a typist for, is guest posting here today. He thought his article, Take Care of The Bottom Line,  was more important than the story I am writing on the meaning of prudence.  Pooh writes about his world from the perspective of a cat. He is, after all, a cat. Please welcome Pooh Hodges.

I am delighted to be guest posting today at Mrs. Hodges blog, i paint i write.  I think she must be tired from painting black lines on long underwear yesterday. She really shouldn’t leave her projects until the last-minute. It is a bad habit.

The bottom line.

Take Care of The Bottom Line

Are you the head of your company? Are you responsible for several employees? Do you have 10 employees? 100? 1,000? 30,000?

You have to manage production, output, people, salaries, inventory and taxes. You need to care of the bottom line. Well, your bottom line is not just a dollar amount.

Your bottom line is really a bottom issue. What kind of toilet paper does your staff wipe their bottoms with? What kind of toilet paper do you buy? What paper is in the bathroom stall in your company restrooms?

Do you buy quilted comfort, or the thinnest and cheapest paper you can find on the market?

As the CEO of my company I see the need to take care of my staff and my employees. My employees are three kittens, Charlie, J.R. and Nepeta. Charlie , the Vice-President, is Head Of Human Relations, and Manager of Proper Dishwasher Loading Techniques. The twins, J.R. and Nepeta are in charge of warming laps and tangling yarn.

My staff is the Hodges family. They work directly for me. Mrs. Hodges is my typist, and is responsible for grocery shopping. I will introduce the rest of my staff another day. Lets just say, they need me to take care of them.

Some of my staff have been complaining about the toilet paper we stock . It is good for the sewer system, as it dissolves quickly, but it is not good for the bottom line. It is not soft. At the manager’s meeting this morning, I will tell Mrs. Hodges to buy softer toilet paper.

I only buy the best quality cat litter  for my employees. We have seven litter boxes, so the cost of cat litter is rather high. I will not sacrifice the quality of my litter to save a few pennies.

Mrs. Hodges has been instructed to buy only clumping litter. We have tried several brands of litter, but the kittens and I prefer Fresh Step Premium, Scoopable, Unscented, Clumping Cat Litter . The carbon in the litter eliminates urine and feces odor.

I use only the best in my litter boxes.

And you? What kind of toilet paper is in your bathroom? What kind of litter to you buy for your CEO? That is if you are fortunate enough to have a cat run your life. 

Disclosure: The cat litter is an affiliate link. If you order your litter here, it won’t cost you anymore, but the few pennies Amazon pays me helps to pay for kitty litter. We  do, after all, have seven litter boxes.

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  • Scott…biodegradeable – we have a septic tank that is a BEAR to clean out in the winter!!!!1

    • Our staff have been using Scott biodegradable as well. The younger staff members tend to use a lot of paper, so thinner is better.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

  • Angel softed, quilted and double-rolled are what my family fancies. It’s safe (and not ripping) for those that scrunch or those that fold–or so I’ve observed from the floor beneath the seat!

    • Daisy Bean, thank you for telling me what toilet paper you prefer. I will have to tell Mrs. Hodges. She should buy some to see if the staff like it better.

  • I’m a “Marcal Small Steps recycled” girl myself. I used to swear by Scott, but it’s so price-y these days and no nod toward going green. As far as the chairmen of my board, I buy “World’s Best Cat Litter.” I get the multi-cat formula. I like it because the clumps clump really well and it’s natural. It’s made from corn, which is cool … except it wasn’t so cool when I was keeping the bags in the pantry and the mice discovered it and ate through the bag and had a little mouse-y feast and made a mess all over my pantry closet floor!

    • Hello GirlGriot,
      Maybe one day you can travel here and tell me a story?
      I will have to tell Mrs. Hodges about “Marcal Small Steps Recycled.” and the “World’s Best Cat Litter.” Natural sounds so much better.
      Did your cat’s catch the mice that were eating their litter. A little extra protein now and then is good for the diet.
      Say hello to the cats you live with for me.
      Love Pooh

  • nanc

    I really prefer the quickly dissolving thin tissue, however, I guess then I need to use an abundance. The Charmin makes me upset, I just do not really know why. I think it is what you grow up with. We did get Fresh Step with Mr. Cat and Michael Jordan (God rest their kitty souls). xo nanc

    • Oh Nanc, I am am so sorry for your loss. Have you been able to sleep since Mr. Cat and Michael Jordan have died? I see that you have a wonderful chair in your office that needs a cat to sit in it. Perhaps you may need to buy litter again some day.
      Mrs. Hodges said that the younger staff members use too much paper, and the softer tissue won’t flush. Maybe we need to go softer, but have lessons on proper toilet paper use. Hmm, I could start a class.
      All the best,
      Love Pooh

  • elsie

    The bottom line is important. I’m glad Pooh that you are working on this situation for your family. After all, you have premium litter, the family should have premium paper. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Elsie. I am glad you understand the importance of taking care of the basic needs of my staff. Mrs. Hodges was informed of my decision at the staff meeting this morning.
      All the best, Elsie
      Love Pooh

  • Usually, I buy Charmin Ultra Strong. It’s incredibly soft, too. The only fault I find is that the sheet count isn’t as high as I’d like. I guess the fluffy-ness of each sheet takes priority over the number of them.

    • Yes, soft versus dry and scratchy. Mrs. Hodges has been buying Scott, 1,000 sheets per roll. It is septic safe, but not very soft. I really can’t have my staff unhappy. Maybe she needs to try Charmin Ultra Strong?