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Why you shouldn’t hide in your closet

Do you want to hide in your closet?

Do you want to hide in your closet? Do you want to avoid a situation?  Do you want to turn out the light in your closet and sit with your back against the wall? You can hide behind your long coats, pull your knees to your chest and pretend you are a shadow.

When you are a shadow the situation you are avoiding doesn’t exist. Your problem is suspended in time  for a few minutes.

I want to be a shadow today.

But I won’t hide today. I know better. I know why I shouldn’t hide in my closet.

1. The problem doesn’t go away.
The problem you are avoiding by being a shadow will still be there when you come out of hiding.
2. The problem becomes bigger.
When you went into the closet to hide, your problem was the size of a pebble in your mind. When you come out of your closet the problem has grown to the size of a boulder. Pebbles are easier to fix than boulders.
3. Isolation makes the shadows darker.
When you isolate yourself from friends you feel alone in a dark world. But, you are not alone.
4. You can not see the sunshine in a closet.
Sunshine chases away the shadows and brings hope. You can not see the sun in a dark closet.

I know I am not completely hidden. There is one who can see me in a closet with the lights out and the door closed.

If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.

Psalm 139:11-12

And to Him I pray, “Please help me take a sledge hammer to the boulder’s I have created in my mind. Please help me be brave and unafraid.” 

Excuse me, I have to go and take a sledge hammer to a few boulders I have left laying around the house. I have a couple of boulders in my basement, a boulder of paperwork on my desk, two laundry tubs full of boulders, and an unfinished manuscript boulder.

What do you do when you want to hide in your closet? Do you hide or use a sledgehammer?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.



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  • Dana Schreiner

    I loved how you included the quote from Psalms.

  • All four of your points are true… Especially #2. These days I can’t

    hide from anything. There’s always a little person who makes sure I

    come out to play.

  • Johanna

    A very poignant reminder for me that it’s better to take a sledgehammer and get out and engage than to hide in the shadows, which as a writer it’s very easy to do;) And thank you for commenting over at my blog today, Pamela.

    • Good Morning Johanna. Thank you for coming over to visit from Australia. Today I have several boulders to attack. I have to go upstairs and close my closet door, it is too tempting when it is open.

  • Kim Barrett

    You have such a frank and disarming way of phrasing things, Pamela. You name our collective fears and then offer a solution. Psalm 139 is a favorite reminder.

    • Kim, Psalm 139 is my favorite as well. I really should memorize it. I think of it so often. I like to think of being knitted together in my mother’s womb. God really did make us. And there are no dropped stitches.

  • Paul (birdsandtreesofthemind)

    I just keep working. Bear the weight, like an old bookshelf. 🙂

    • An old bookshelf made out of Canadian Oak? Strong and sturdy, holding up many books?

  • I try hard not to let my pebbles become boulders, but there are times when they grow overnight. I probably ignore more than hide, but I do try to turn most of my problems and concerns over to God to help me get thru them. But, sometimes I take them back and try to fix things myself. Thanks for sharing your slice.

    • Hello Judy,
      I often take back my problems too. Sometimes right after I pray to have help. I hope you have a wonderful day enjoying the sunshine. Thank you for reading my story.

  • Jennifer Szynal

    Oh so many boulders around here! I am a horrible “hider.” There’s not enough time at school to get things done, and with two little girls I can’t do any of that at home, even if I didn’t have a bunch of boulders around the house as well! Hopefully you will have given me a push to get the sledgehammer out tomorrow and knock out the mound of grading I need to do! Good luck with your boulders!

    • Thank you Jennifer. Good luck with your grading tomorrow. I think it would be fun to see what each child did. Why do you boulders look fun, and mine don’t?

  • Wheres Pooh?

  • Well, sometimes I hide. Sometimes I hammer it into pieces. Lately, it’s been more hammering than hiding. Good for you for not hiding today, my friend.

    • Thank you Brianna. I wonder what boulders you are hammering? I lived in Tokyo for seven years, so I understand speaking in another language.

  • I normally take the sledgehammer approach! Some instances might warrant closet time.

    • Yes, I keep my sledgehammer handy close by at all times and I have several closets to choose from .

  • I found a boulder while writing my post for today. It was just a little pea in my heart that I thought would just roll to the side and stay unnoticed. Now, I can’t lift the post to my blog. It’s embarrassing and painful. I left it at the cross.

    • Shelley, the cross will get rid of the pea. Or it will help you lift the boulder.