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Remembering Auntie Joyce: Five Minute Friday

I am participating in Five Minute Friday hosted at Lisa-Jo Baker.com.  You are given a prompt, and then you write for five unedited minutes. I set my timer and write.

Here is my Five Minutes. The prompt is Remember.

Auntie Joyce. April 19, 1922- March 22, 2013

Auntie Joyce. April 19, 1922, March 22, 2013

I remember when I first met you in 1982. You were living in a convent. You wore a black long habit and a hood. You were the sister to the man my mother married. My mother and I stayed at your convent for the night, we ate meals with you and sang in the chapel.

My mother and I started to laugh while we were singing, snorting under our breath because we sang off-key.

After supper we retired to the sitting room and one of the nuns stated to tell a joke. The Mother Superior said, “No, not that one, we have guests.”

Last year in March I flew to Toronto and saw you for the last time. You were using a walker. Byron and I sat with you and ate  chocolate chip cookies. I brought you flowers for your room , and the other sisters put the flowers in the front sitting room.

Then I had to leave. My plane was leaving and I had to get there on time.

I saw you watching us drive away. I didn’t know I would never see you again.

This morning while I was watching a movie with my daughter, my mom called and left a message, “Auntie Joyce died this morning. I thought you would like to know.”

I did want to know. I remember you Auntie Joyce.

You wrote to me faithfully and prayed for me.

You died a nun in a convent. You died sitting in a chair.

I love you Auntie Joyce. I remember you.



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  • This is beautiful girl! What a beautiful memory of a special Auntie. So thankful you shared the story. Glad to see you at FMF. Blessings

  • Howdy, Pamela! I am sorry for your loss of Auntie Joyce, but grateful for your special convent memories with her. You honor her by sharing her memory with us today. Thanks.

    • Hello Shannon. Thank you for reading about my Aunt. She was a gentle soul.

  • Aww. It almost feels like I knew her, too. It takes someone very special to write faithfully for such a long time. I know you will miss her.

    • Hello Shelley. She was very faithful. I regret I didn’t write her more. She liked to get letters addressed to Auntie Joyce. She brother didn’t have any children and she never married. She became an Aunt when her brother married my mom.

  • Margaret Simon

    Such a sweet picture and nice post of your memory of your aunt. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear aunt Pamela, she sounds like a treasure. I wish I knew what the joke was that the nuns were not supposed to tell.

    • Thank you Kathleen. I can’t image what a naughty nun joke would be.

  • she sounds like a special woman and this was a lovely tribute to her.

  • That is a very special picture of the two of you, and I’m sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing about this beautiful woman.

    • Thank you Spicy Magnolia for reading her story. A short five minute memory.

  • Aunts are special! Glad that you have the memory!

    • Thank you. I am so happy I got to see her last year. My cousin Bryon flew me to Canada. So glad I went.

  • Elsie

    I’m sorry to learn of your loss today. You have some pleasant memories of this aunt. You never know when it will be the last time to see someone. That’s a sad thought. So I will hug those I leave a little closer, because you never know.

    • Yes, I will hug more too. Yes, you never know. Thank you Elsie.

  • Deborah Bussewitz

    What a lovely entry about a loved one. I am so sorry for your loss. How lucky you were to have your aunt in your life.

    • Thank you Deborah. I forgot people die. She was very faithful.