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3 reasons why you should mail your birthday cards out on time

Happy Birthday Brother.

Today is my brother’s birthday. He is 1 year, 6 months and 25 days older than me. I have his cell phone number. I will call him today to say, “Happy Birthday Neal.”

On my smart phone I put in date reminders to remind me his birthday was two weeks, then one week away. The dinging noise on my phone was supposed to remind me to get his card in the mail in time for his birthday. The card is sitting beside me on my desk. I haven’t mailed it yet.

I should have mailed his birthday card a week ago.

When my father was lying in his hospital bed dying from cancer, I asked him, “What is the most important advice you want  to give me?”  He said, “Remember to mail your birthday cards out on time.”

Remember to mail your birthday cards out on time.
Willliam Fernuik

I was a little surprised that the best advice my father could give me was when to mail my birthday card’s. Today I understand.

Why you should mail your birthday cards out on time.

1. Sending  birthday cards out on time shows that you care.
You care enough to go to the Post Office and send the card so it arrives on time for the actual birthday. You show the person that you are thinking of them and that they matter to you.

2. A birthday card is like a glass of water to a weary soul.
I always thought this proverb meant mailing a letter to a friend. I know the good news in the bible was delivered in person. But if they had birthday cards back then, the bible verse would have applied.

Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.
Proverbs 25:25

3. Because my dad said you should.
I also realize I am still a rebellious child. I don’t like to be told what to do. If my father had told me to mail my birthday cards late, I would have rebelled and mailed them out on time. My father knew what he was talking about. Listen to him and mail your birthday cards on time.

I will drive to the Post Office today and mail a birthday card to Canada.

I will finally listen to my father.

Is there a birthday card you need to get in the mail today?


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  • Paul (birdsandtreesofthemind)

    Your brother lives in Edmonton, yes? (am I remembering this correctly?) If so, I can open my screen door and give him a birthday shout-out on your behalf, if you’d like!

    • Yes he does Paul. Please open your screen door and shout out, “Happy birthday Neal.” You have a good memory for a book shelf.

  • [email protected]

    Pamela, I have a problem getting cards in the mail on time, too.

  • Elsie

    I am horrible at remembering dates, I am not a card sender. I find it interesting that you are still a rebel and not doing what your father told you to do. You are an independent spirit, you follow your own path. Your brother knows you and he understands you. Happy Birthday to Neal.

    • Elsie, thank you for the birthday greetings to my brother. 🙂 I was able to call him today and talk to him. If everyone kept their hair gray I would probably dye mine. If you are suppose to cut out your hand print at church for a wall display, I won’t want to. I hate being like everyone else. And I absolutely hate the word, “should.”

  • I love getting birthday cards (and the rest of my family is good about mailing them on time), but I am the black sheep when it comes to cards. Every year I have good intentions, and every year I forget birthday after birthday. Maybe it’s not too late to start fresh.

    • Kay, it is never too late to start fresh. I have a few late ones to mail, and a few that should get there on time.

  • elle1955.wordpress.com

    I love the way your father is woven into the story after it has gotten going. Very simple yet reflective tone. I like your writing voice.

  • Good post, Pamela. And I’m sure your brother will appreciate knowing you were thinking of him. I’m sure of it.