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Breasts are not a fashion accessory

Breasts are not a fashion accessory.

There are several aspects of my life that I am proud of. In college I won a hairy legs contest, I hitchhiked though Israel in the late 70’s, and I shot and skinned a black bear who was dangerous.

I wash my face and brush my teeth before I leave the house. And, of course I get dressed. Sometimes I will accessorize my outfit with a scarf, or perhaps I will wear a necklace. My breasts are covered in a bra, sometimes an undershirt if it is really cold outside, and a shirt that covers my chest. There is no cleavage showing.

Breasts are not a fashion accessory. I don’t think, “Hey, I am really proud of my chest.I will wear my breasts out today.” I don’t want to show my breast cleavage, and I don’t want to see yours.

If I am on the beach, I expect to see more of a person’s body. In a work setting, a school, a church or a doctor’s office, breasts should be covered. ( Unless you are getting a mammogram.)

In the late 1800’s it was immodest for a woman to show her ankles. In the year 2013, it is common to see almost the entire breast  in an evening gown, with only the nipple covered.

We would all be walking around naked if Eve and Adam hadn’t eaten the fruit from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. After they ate the forbidden fruit they realized they had no clothes on.

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.
Genesis 3:6-7

I don’t want to wear a dress made out of fig leaves, and I don’ t want to go back to the garden of Eden and walk around naked.

There are no specific rules about what to wear in the bible, beyond being modest.

I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearly or expensive clothes.
I Timothy 2:9

We have the ten commandments to live by, and after that we have common sense and pressure from society to conform. I don’t mind seeing a woman’s ankles, but I don’ t want to see her breasts unless she is nursing a baby.

Keep your breasts under your shirt. They are not a fashion accessory. Button up your shirt and go buy a necklace.

Do you like to see breast cleavage?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.



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  • I am definitely NOT a normal reader of this blog, but one of my family members shared this and I read it. I don’t mind cleavage, I don’t mind bare knees. I am not offended by nude paintings or –most of the time– ‘offensive’ language.
    Saying that women only wear certain clothes in order to conform is crazy talk! (there are plenty of TERRIBLY UGLY things women wear because THEY feel good in it –see skinny jeans, Ugg boots, capris, floral pattern pants, fur anything, animal print clothing–)
    Breasts should be accentuated as much as the woman is comfortable, just like the hips in a nice pair of jeans, the feet in a cool pair of boots, and hair with a bit of curl!
    Part of life is being happy with yourself, and loving who you are (you are happy in what you are wearing, let them be happy in their clothes without criticizing them, maybe?)
    If a low cut shirt influences a girl when they look in the mirror and they think, ‘man that looks nice’, and it puts a smile on HER face, that is what matters. I do the same thing when I wear a really nice suit and tie–it boosts my confidence in MYSELF!

    • Parker, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I’ll bet you look really nice in a suit and tie. Just keep your shirt buttoned up to your neck. I don’t want to see any cleavage.

  • Oh, my goodness. It’s become an epidemic and it’s everywhere. You can’t even avert your eyes anymore because the minute you try to look away, there’s another pair slapping you in the face. Cover up! Cover up! (Kind of like yelling out “Unclean! Unclean!)

    • Shelley, you have added at least a year to my life with your comment. If laughter is the best medicine, I am healed.

  • I always love the originality of your posts…..this one is no exception. It made me smile, and I agree with you completely, a little more modesty would be a good thing for everyone…..or at least that is my opinion…..

    • Thank you Darlene. Yes, a little more modesty would be good. Somethings are best left unseen.

  • Margaret Simon

    I read your post laughing because today I stopped at a convenience store and the clerk manipulated her breast right in front of me and explained it had escaped from her bra. I didn’t see any skin, just her hand down her shirt. I just laughed and said, “Tell your girlfriends to stay put.”

    I have a hard time with cleavage, too, but I always thought it was because I didn’t have any.

    • Margaret, that is so funny. Thank you for sharing your bra episode at the convenience store. There are a lot of things I don’t have that I still don’t want to see. 🙂

  • Kim Barrett

    I get your point and agree with it. I just want to be careful and make sure I see the woman behind the breasts. She is more than her cleavage.

  • Oh. My. Goodness. Pamela, you rock! Seriously?!? You hitchhiked through Israel? You shot a black bear? You SKINNED a black bear? I love your online space, Pamela! And your voice — awesome. Oh, and, no I do not like to see cleavage. (Not even my own if I must be honest but that’s probably an entirely different comment for an entirely different post. 😉 )

    • Brianna, you are so kind to think I rock. I was really young and naive. Why I thought hitchhiking in Occupied Territory was wise is beyond me. Maybe, I should write a story. If you ever need a black bear skinned I can show you how. I don’t have a gun anymore. But I know how to use one. And I would like to read an article about your views on cleavage. 🙂

  • Heavens no. I would prefer not to see ankles either. Modesty is a forgotten and very wonderful virtue that once served us very well.

    • Yes, lets keep the breast cleavage in the bedroom. Modesty needs to make a come back.