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Don’t throw away your dictionary

Don't throw away your dictionary


I really want to tell you why you shouldn’t throw away your dictionary. My dictionary weighs over 9 pounds, so it would be hard to throw very far. I have a very good reason why you shouldn’t throw it away. And I would love to tell you.

To find out the why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Dictionary, please read my article on  Splickety Magazine’s Lightning Blog, an on-line Flash Fiction magazine.   I am a regular contributor. Please read my story and comment so Splickety thinks I have a lot of friends.

You can click here,  here or here to read my story, or you can click on the dictionary.

Splickety Magazine describes what they are all about: “If you like to read but don’t have time, try Splickety. You can enjoy our stories, always 1,000 words or less, and get your fiction fix without the time commitment of a novel.”

You can even buy a print version of the magazine to read when you are sitting down.



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  • I commented on the Splickety page, but thought I’d thank you here, too, for a fun article!! When I am at work, the dictionary in the ‘Dashboard’ on a Mac is incredibly helpful, but I do appreciate the aspects of a ‘real’ dictionary in my hand, that you pointed out (of finding other treasures while seeking a particular definition).

    Another advantage is that I won’t be distracted by other things on the computer, when all I really need is a definition.

    • Thank you Sue for commenting on Splickey Magazine. I like to flip though a real dictionary as well, but often search on-line as well.

  • Elsie

    I tend to rely on the on-line dictionary when I am working on writing. However, I do remember the fun of perusing the dictionary and noticing odd words when I did pull out the dictionary.

    • Hello Elsie. A paper dictionary is a fun way to find odd words.

  • I love my dictionary. All of them!
    We have a thing!

  • AJF

    I keep my dictionaries around….some from as far back as 1867, but rarely use them for anything other than to boost smallish children at the table (I do not use the real antiques for the children) For a boost, they are magnificent! Otherwise, I must admit I use the internet for words, spellings, meanings, and recipes too! I guess I am just a modern day woman in an older body!

    • Oh wow, you have a dictionary from 1867! I wonder if there are words in there that are not in mine. I use the internet as well, but sometimes I like the magic of turning a page.

  • I was afraid I had thrown away my dictionary, because I use the one online. But then I found a ten pound one on the shelf. It is perfect for putting my lap top on.

    • Ten pounds? Wow, those are heavy words. I am glad you kept it.