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Have you ever lied?

I am not lying.

Today is April the first. I will not lie to you. I am not going to tell you an invented story and then laugh at you later because you believed me.

I wanted to say, “Hey, I cleaned my basement this weekend.” But, I would be lying because it still is messy. I also wanted to say, “There are no candy wrappers on the coffee table.” But, that would be lying as well. Easter was yesterday and there are candy wrappers everywhere. I did want to tell you, “I turned into a cat last night.” But that is so obviously an April Fool’s joke.

I will tell you about the time I did lie.

The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.

Proverbs 12:22 NIV (2011)

I told my mother I paid the piano teacher.

I walked the four blocks to the piano teacher by myself through back alleys. I cut through the back of The Arrow Confectionery store from the back alley, to the main street I had to cross to get to my piano lessons.  I had to walk right past the candy counter.

I bought Red Twizzlers and some hard candy with the piano money. I put the change in my pocket and ate the Red Twizzlers. I was going to save the hard candy for later. I didn’t pay the piano teacher.

When I came home from my piano lesson my mother asked me, “Pamela, did you pay the piano teacher?”


“Are you sure?”

I didn’t realize when I was eight, that I had been given a change to come clean. I didn’t know the piano teacher had called and said she hadn’t been paid. 


“The teacher called and you didn’t pay her. What did you do with the money?”

My hand was in my pocket holding tightly to the candy and the change.  I pulled my hand out of my pocket and opened it. There was a crumpled up dollar bill, a few coins and some wrapped hard candy.

My mother took my hand and we walked the four blocks to The Arrow Confectionary. I stood at the counter and told the store owner, “I would like to return the candy.”  Now that was a lie. I didn’t want to return the candy. I wanted to eat it. He returned the money. Then my mother and I walked to my music teacher’s home and I paid the teacher for that month’s lessons.

My Mom made up the difference in the payment I had eaten. I paid my mom back from my allowance.

I never lied again. (Now that may be a lie, but it is not intentional. I don’t remember lying again. )


I just called my mom.

“Mom, do you remember when I lied and used the piano money to buy candy.”

“I honestly don’t remember. But what a good mother I was to make you take the candy back.”

“Thank you for making me.” I didn’t want to thank her when I had to give back the candy.  46 years later I am thankful.

“That’s what mother’s are for.”

Have you ever lied? Did you get caught?


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  • This story makes me think about how every kid needs a mom like yours. I did, and I am thankful like you, because yes, I lied.

  • I used to sneak into my mother’s room to see the rhinestone jewelry in her drawer. She would ask me, “Did you go in my jewelry box?”

    “No,” I lied.
    But she knew I did.

    I also snuck milky ways from behind the counter at my Grandpa’s grocery store.
    My favorite story is when my brother Gus and I went with my Grandpa to Maxwell Street to pick up something. He had just put a 10 pound box of hot dogs on the seat and told us not to touch them.

    Well, I figured if we just bit the ends off, he’d never know. So we bit all the ends off of every single one.

    And, he knew.

  • Honest post, Pamela. 🙂 Thx for opening this discussion.

    Yes, I most certainly have lied. I lied to my Mom when I was a teenager. She point blank asked me a question and I lied to her face.

    Early in my marriage I lied to my husband. It hurt him more than the truth I was afraid to tell him when I lied in the first place. After I detailed the truth to him one weekend when we went camping, I found true freedom. There by that river I vowed never to lie to him again, and God has helped me keep my promise.

    The truth is that my lie hurt him worse than the truth. When I fessed up, he said words I hold on to: “I love ALL of you. Everything that makes you, You.” God’s grace.

    I find that the more I grow in Christ, the more honest and real I become. There’s a great quote I read in Peter Scazzero’s book, Emotional Healthy Spirituality. “Know myself that I may know God.” Authenticity–my honest goal for me.

  • Kim Barrett

    I try not to lie directly or by omission. Since I am an imperfect being I am not always successful. I can’t think of any blatant out and out lies I have told recently but as a kid many of mine revolved around candy, like yours. Candy, candy, candy is very alluring!

  • Hmmm, so no one has lied. Well, that is a good thing.