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Would you wear pyjamas to school?

Would you wear pyjamas to school?

Today is pyjama day at my daughters school. Parents are the teachers, and families attend together. I help teach in the gym class during second period. We have class on Thursdays.

Last year I wore my pyjamas and a brown house coat to pyjama day.  I didn’t realize I was out of gas until I was backing out of the driveway on the way to school. If I had remembered I would have purchased gas the night before so I didn’t have to buy gas in my pyjamas.

I have a half a tank of gas so I can drive straight to school this morning.

Only a few of the mothers wear their pyjamas for pyjama day. Most of the children wear their pyjamas.

I wonder why no many mothers don’t wear their pyjamas to pyjama day? Do they all have to buy gas on the way to school? Will they be embarrassed to buy gas in their house coat, so they don’t wear their pyjamas?  Do they all own nightgowns from Victoria Secrets that they only let their husband see?

Did they forget how to play?

I will let you know when I get home how many mothers wore pyjama’s this morning. And, I will ask the ones who didn’t wear pyjamas why they didn’t.

p.s. I grew up in Canada so I spell pyjama the British English way, not the US English way: pajamas


I just got back from school.

Five mothers wore pyjamas, thirty-six mothers did not wear pyjamas. I forgot to see how many families were sick today, so the numbers might not be completely accurate.

Almost all the younger children had pyjamas on, four out of 17 students in fifth and sixth grade had on pyjamas. Only one student in eight grade was wearing pyjamas. No one in the senior grades had pyjamas on.

I did a random survey of some of the mothers who did not wear pyjamas to school today.

Why did you not wear pyjamas today?

Kathy said, “My pyjamas are too yucky.”
Sallie said, “I wear nightgowns.”
Susanna said,”I don’t have anything decent.”
Lori said, “I have a hole in my jammies.”
Heidi said, “I have a doctor’s appointment right after.”
Jessica said, “My pyjamas are short shorts, they wouldn’t be appropriate.”
Nancy said, “My husband said they are too thin.”
Heather said, “I am nude in bed. It would be inappropriate.”
Suzanne said, “I have been in my pyjamas since Sunday. I needed an excuse to get dressed.”
Becky said, “I don’t like wearing pyjamas. Christmas is the only day we wear pyjamas.”

And the mothers who wore their pyjamas to school today were asked:

“Why did you wear pyjamas today?”

Iya said, “I didn’t forget how to play and I have a full tank of gas.”
M.E. said, ” Because it is fun.”
Michelle said, “I did it because they said to do it.”
Cheryl said, “It was fun.”
and me? Why did I wear pyjamas today? I wore pyjamas today because I don’t want to grow up.

Would you wear pyjamas to school? 



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  • LOL I homeschool too. So yep I wear mine to school most everyday. My favorites are my Angry Bird ones that I got for Christmas. I try to change into regular clothes before our principal gets home from work. 🙂

  • Jennifer Humble

    You betcha’ I’d wear my PJs! Of course, this is sorta cheating since I homeschool.

    I like the British spelling, way cool! Fun post and I’m impressed with your interviewing skills, all while in PJs-very brave.

    • Thank you Jennifer. I wear my pyjamas all day too and sometimesI leave them on when I run out and get milk. Plaid pyjama pants are very useful.

  • I wouldn’t have done it. My pajamas are really weird looking. I wear these really old Tommy Hilfiger bottoms that are way too short and a Compassion t-shirt. I would just look homeless. Why do you spell it “pyjamas” btw?

    • I grew up in Canada and we always spelled pyjamas the British English way. Do you say Paw-jamas or Puh-jamas? I pronounce the y in my jammies. I also say Zed for the letter at the end of the alphabet, and Zee for the sound it makes.