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How to Bake a Chicken and Never Scrub the Roasting Pan

How to bake a chicken and never scrub the roasting pan

I hate scrubbing a dirty roasting pan. I hate it with a capital H. If I bake a chicken twice a week for a year, I will have to scrub one hundred and four dirty roasting pans.

If it takes me thirty minutes to scrub one roasting pan, I will have stood at the kitchen sink for fifty-two hours over the course of one year cleaning baked on chicken grease.

If you don’t want to waste your time standing by the kitchen sink scrubbing roasting pans; If you would rather use those fifty-two hours to write a book or run a marathon, please take my advice and …

I hate to leave you hanging, but I have to.  For the rest of the story, please head on over to Splickety Magazine’s Lightning Blog to find out  How to Bake a Chicken and Never Scrub the Roasting Pan

Today I am honored to guest post on Splickety Magazine’s Lightning Blog. Please stop by and comment. I want  my editor to  think I am cool and have lots of friends.


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