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Can you be content and not buy any clothes for 365 days?

Being content with what I have.

Today is May the first or the first day of May.

“Hey, I already know that. I can read my phone. I have a calendar on my desk. Why are you telling me it is May the first?”

Today is the first day of the 365 day challenge to not buy any clothes. I mentioned the challenge to you nine days ago and asked if you wanted to join me.

What does it mean to be content?

 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”
Hebrews 13:5

I have heard this bible verse so many times. Yes, I know. I am not suppose to love money and I am supposed to be content with what I have.  God will never leave me and He won’t forsake or abandon me.

I have more questions than answers.

  1. If God will not leave me why am I not content with the clothes I have?
  2. How does loving God keep me from buying a new dress that I don’t need?
  3. How does loving God keep me from throwing away a blouse that needs to be mended
  4. What does it mean to be content?

Con-tent: from page 316 of The Random House Dictionary of the English Language; satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else; satisfied.

Can you  be content and not buy any clothes for 365 days?

I know I asked you the question. However, since I can not hear you, I will answer the question for you. The question really is rhetorical, sort of a fake question where the speaker throws out the question to the audience and then answers it themselves. And now the answer to my question:

Yes, you can.

1. Stop whining about what you don’t have.
Yes, I know your neighbor shops at hight end stores and had 300 pairs of shoes and 46 black leather purses. Be thankful for what you have and stop whining about shopping at thrift stores. You can buy all the purses that she donates at a fraction of the cost.

2. Don’t compare.
God made you special and He loves you very much. Why would you want to be like someone else when you can be you? Wear jeans if you want to wear jeans. Your wool coat is very warm. You don’t need a fur coat. Mind you I did find a really nice mink wrap at the thrift store for $35.00, but that was before this challenge.

3. Being satisfied is a choice.
You can choose what you wear to mow the lawn and you can choose your attitude. Be thankful for shoes to wear and for the shirt that hangs in your closet.

4. Shopping will not satisfy the need to feel valuable.
Only God can fill the space inside of you that spending money is trying to fill. When I was sad I would often buy something new to help me feel better. The feeling didn’t last and I often regretted spending the money on something I didn’t need. I usually returned the item.

5. Mend what you own.
Treat with respect the possessions you already own. Don’t fry bacon in your suit or mow the lawn in your ball gown. If a button falls off, sew it back on. If your shoe needs a new shoelace, but a new shoelace, not a new shoe.

What I will do on day one of the 365 Challenge? I will sew the seam that came apart on my black 50 SPF shirt and not throw it away. The summer dresses I was going to give away because I wanted different ones I will keep and wear this summer. I will start to walk so that the jeans in my closet will fit me. I don’t need any new clothes. I will change my attitude, not my wardrobe.

Confession time

I did go out yesterday and buy a new shirt and a black dress and a new black bra to fit under the dress. Oh dear. Old habits die-hard. Once last trip to the store. The shirt is a pretty blue, SPG 40 shirt to keep the sun off my skin and the dress was cute. And I did need a new bra. Tomorrow I will probably go and return everything I bought. Sigh, I don’t need a new dress.

If you decide to do the 365 day challenge you get ONE FREE PASS to use at your own discretion during the next year. It is like “The save” on American Idol. Some of my friends who are doing the challenge are not counting underwear or socks. How you approach the challenge, if you decide to do it, it is up to you.

Can you be content with what is in your closet? Will you take the challenge and not buy any clothes for one year?

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