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Mother said: Writers share their Mothers best advice

Mother said

The best advice I have ever received has been from my mother. My mother is not famous. Her words of wisdom are not in Macmillan’s Dictionary of Quotations. But my mother is still wise.

Mother’s know best, they really do.

The best advice my mother gave me was to not cancel plans with one friend when something more interesting came along. She also told me to wear a sock around my neck when I had a cold.

I asked fellow writers for the best advice their mothers gave them.

Mother said: Writers share their Mother’s best advice

When criticism comes, consider the source, because rude people don’t say nice things. So if they are rude to you, it’s them, not you. Wisdom from my mom, Jan Morris.
Chris Morris – chrismorriswrites.com


The “L” in “love” stands for “listen.” (When I asked how she could listen to my dad go on and on about a boring, to me, engineering project.) Her name is Marsha.
Amy Young – messymiddle.com


My mother (Carmella Naccarato Smith) taught me to always be honest, even if it is painful. She said it builds strong character. And she’s right.
Staci Troilo – stacitroilo.com


She taught me to be kind to myself. At night when my mind would spin, she would firmly tell me, “Dee Dee, that’s enough thinking for tonight. Go take a shower and go to bed. Everything will look better in the morning.
Deanne Michelle Welsh- eclecticwaters.com


My Mom, Norma Boeckler, showed me what love looked like when she willingly took care of my Dad throughout his chronic illness. Instead of telling me what love was, she demonstrated it with her actions: love IS a verb.
Maria Morgan – mariamorgan.com


When I was old enough to date, my mom handed me a crisp, folded $20.00 and said, “Allways keep $20.00 stashed in your wallet.
Marilyn Luinsta – www.marilynluinstra.com


My mom, Linda, taught me how to sing to Jesus at night when I was scared in the dark and afraid to go to sleep. We picked a favorite song and learned it together. Then she sang it with me every night.
Brianna Rwasson – www.briannaRwasson.com


If you’re not early, you’re late! My mom, Teresa, instilled in me the value of punctuality and respecting the time of others. Growing up, we were always the first to any event. To this day I hate being late for anything.
Stacy Clafin – www.stacyclaflin.com


My mom taught me (through her five year battle with breast cancer) to look for the beauty even in the midst of your struggle/trial/pain. She went home to be with the Lord when I was 18. Now she’s playing Scrabble with Jesus…one day I will join them.
Eileen Knowles – eileenknowles.com


Begin as you mean to continue. Of course, she’s also a big fan of, If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
Lisa Hall-Wilson – lisahallwilson.com


My mom always said, “Just ask, the worst they will ever say is no.:
Troy McLaughlin – Twitter – @thenofactor


My mom said SO MANY good things. One of the best was, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
Barbara Drewry – emptynestmomma-wordpress.com


Think before you say or do anything… I had to learn this the hard way … several times. BUT, nonetheless, it’s the best thing my mother has ever told me.
Devani Anjali Alderson – devanialjali.com


My mom used to say “There’s no fool like an old fool.” I don’t want to be an old fool, or any other kind of fool. Proverbs 28:26 says “Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.”
Kathleen Caron – kathleencaron.com


“Don’t react. When they are rude, treat them normally. That way, they look like the bad guy. Not you.” I’ve never forgotten that. Her name is Barbara Thiessen. Perhaps, not the most profound piece of advice she’s ever given me, but the one that stuck.
Erika Simone – erikasimone.com


My mom was always good about reminding me to take care of myself. Whenever, I would begin to get overwhelmed or weary, she would say, “Do yourself a favor, and go to bed early.”
Emily Buller – whispersofwonder.com


My mother used to say “Be kind, tenderhearted in love forgiving one another.” She taught me to be kind and caring to others even sacrificially as she did in the jungles of Africa. I have since adopted seven teenagers from poverty.
Sharon Rose Gibson – 15minutewriter.com


Trust your feelings. But don’t always act on them.
Joe Bunting – thewritepractice.com


Take care of your health, don’t make friends too quickly and don’t let anyone put you down. I miss her a lot.
Sylvia Jones – thehaikucorner.com


Wear clean underwear. They might have to cut them off you at the hospital.
Laura McCoy – germanedel.blogspot.com


My mom, Janie Clark,  taught me commitment and how to not fight with my husband. “If Daddy says ‘No’ then don’t ask me because my answer is ‘No’ too. We’re on the same team.”
Anastacia Maness – rocksolidfamily.com


Thank you to all the writers who shared the best advice their mother every gave them.

What was the best advice your mother gave you?

Please share in the comments.


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  • Berdeane Bodley

    I lost my Mother when I was 3 years old but I think she would have wanted me to always be a good person & I hope I have done her proud!!!!

    • You have Mom. You have. You are the best mother ever.

  • Nice post, Pamela.

    My mom has always been a font of good advice, some of them I see by the post here, were other mom’s favorites as well. My mom, Alice, is a Holocaust survivor, and yet she taught us to always look for the good. Even every gray hair was something to celebrate as something earned, another milestone.

    My mom also always told me to do good without expecting anything in return. She still says that if you have no expectations of other people, they can’t disappoint you, however you’ll always be gratified and more appreciative of the good they do in return.

  • Laura McCoy – my mom used to tell me the same thing. 🙂 And Anastacia Maness, I heard that often growing up.

  • Thanks Pamela! A very fun and insightful post :0)

  • Great post, Pamela! And I really like the illustration too.

  • Thank you for sharing, Pamela! What a wonderful post for Mother’s Day! Have a very happy one!

  • Staci Troilo

    Love it, Pamela. Thanks for letting us share our moms with you and your readers today. And Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Happy Mother’s day to you Staci. Thank you for sharing your mom with me and my readers.

  • That is some great advice, I learned a lot of things I would like to say to my children. Please do this again in twenty years and ask them so they can quote me. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a beautiful day.

    • Thank you Kathleen. I hope you had a beautiful day too, just like your face.

  • What a great way to honor moms. I was trying to think how my kids would answer… hmmm. Guess I’ve got some wisdom-growing to do. 🙂

  • Nicely done!

  • I thought of your question and so wanted to participate. My go to person was in heaven with mom. But, I remember one valuable conversation. When my aunt praised my cousins for something they had done, my mom said to me, “She’s going to be sorry she’s doing that, her kids will be conceited.”

    I went the other direction and praised my two children. And I have to say I’ve never been sorry. I loved my mom. Also loved your post, Pamela. It felt like we were all at a school function and everyone introduced their moms to the group. Oh, and my mom’s name was Mary.

    • Anne, thank you for telling me your mother’s name and sharing a memory. No matter what we have learned from our mothers, we have to decide what we teach our own children. Because we are their mother, and mother knows best.

  • Shelley

    That was the best, Pamela. Happy Mother’s Day to you.