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Why I love Pennsylvania

Why I love Pennsylvania

Before I moved to Pennsylvania all I knew about the State could be counted on one hand. It’s initials are PA, it was on the East Coast and All-Clad pots are manufactured here. My husband had been offered a job; we moved from California to Pennsylvania. Or from CA to PA.

In the 903 days we have lived in Pennsylvania I have found many reasons to love the State Charles II gave to William Penn on February 28, 1681.

Why I love Pennsylvania

The Liberty Bell,  Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pottsgrove Manor, Independence Hall,  Benjamin Franklin was buried here, Rita’s Water Ice, Zern’s Farmers Market,  the All-Clad outlet store – Cookware N More is only 35 minutes away from my home in Gilbertsville Pennsylvania and,  my favorite reason I love Pennsylvania , Herr’s Potato Chips.

Herr's Potato Chips

Growing up in Canada I ate Old Dutch Potato Chips. They were my favorite until I moved to the United States in 1990. Then I discovered Lays Potato Chips and they became  my favorite. I had no reason to consider eating another kind of potato chip. I was content with Lays, until the sale at the Grocery Store helped me to venture out of my comfort zone. A 20 ounce bag of Herr’s potato chips was on sale for $1.88.

Feeling brave and daring, I bought a bag of Herr’s Ripple Chips. They are crunchy and full of flavor. Now I only buy Herr’s Potato Chips. Mr. Jim Herr, the founder, only uses the finest ingredients. He thinks his chips are the most delicious potato chips you can buy and I agree.  They select only the finest potatoes, cook them in vegetable oil, and then quickly seat them in foil-like packaging.

This summer I will drive to Nottingham for a free tour of  The Herr’s factory. It is only 56.23 miles from my house. It will take 1 hour and 23 minutes to get there and it will cost me 12 dollars and 60 cents. Who knows, maybe I will discover another reason to love Pennsylvania at the factory.

A 20 oz bag of Herr’s Ripple Chips made the move across country worth while.

Herr's Potato Chips

What do you love about the State you live in? ( Or the province, or town, or district you live in.)



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  • Every time I come up that way, I also remember all the wonderful things to love about Pennsylvania. I especially love Lancaster County, which is Amish country. To me, it is God’s country, so lush and beautiful. I love Virginia because too because it is very temperate and has four seasons.

  • Shelley

    We moved to southeast Georgia from Phoenix, AZ in 1999. The only thing I knew about GA was its capitol, Atlanta. Over the 14 years we have lived here, I have grown to love it because of the rich history and culture it possesses. Jekyll Island is a few miles from my house. That’s where the richest men and their families went to get away from the hustle and bustle of their businesses. Georgia offers great poets, writers, and artisans from the past to the present. Not only can I brag about the state, I can brag about the local area.

  • I live in Peoria, Illinois. We moved here to be close to our first grandson, Jude. Then Charlie came along and last month little Ruthie joined them. So family is what brought us here. Not potato chips, no other food. Family.