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Do you want to grow up?

I don't want to grow up

Do you want to grow up? I don’t.  I want to make a sandwich and leave the bread bag open. I want to leave the lid off the peanut butter jar and have someone else do my laundry. I don’t want to grow up.

Peter Pan where are you?

Do you ever feel that way? Do you just want to sleep in and then walk downstairs and have someone else do all the work?

Grown ups have so many rules. Brush your teeth after every meal. Eat all the food off of your plate before you get any dessert. Stand up straight. Don’t chew food with your mouth open. Color inside the lines.

If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!

J.M. Barrie

Today I will eat my desert first. I will chew my food with my mouth open and blow milk bubbles with my straw. Later today I will look for a tree to climb. I will skip to the mailbox and braid my hair.

Today I will play marbles with Peter Pan, color with crayons outside of the lines and burp with my mouth open.  I just need to find a straw so I can blow milk bubbles.

Growing old is unavoidable, but never growing up is possible. I believe you can retain certain things from your childhood if you protect them – certain traits, certain places where you don’t let the world go.
Johnny Depp

Hey, I know I still have to pay the bills on time, feed my kids, do the dishes and the laundry. But today I am taking a break. Today Peter Pan flew in my window and we are eating peanut butter sandwiches. I left the lid off of the jar.

How about you? Do you want to grow up? Do you feel like leaving the lid off the peanut butter?

Please let me know in the comments. I would love to chat.

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My name is Pamela Hodges. I am a writer and an artist. I write to encourage and to bring laughter. I paint cats, draw cartoons and write books for children and grown ups.

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  • Sometimes I don’t like the responsibility of being a grownup. But I’ve also seen the results of men who are 40+ and haven’t grown up at all. That’s ugly. So maybe being a grownup with a youthful heart? A great book on this is “How To Be A Grown Up” by Stacy Kaiser.

  • There is an 8 year old who lives inside me all the time, and sometimes she gets out when I least expect it (or want it.) What does that mean?

    • Kathleen, it means that you still have the magic inside of you. Now you just need to find Peter Pan so you can fly too.

  • Janelle

    Me too, Pamela. The lid has been off the peanut butter jar all day. I even scooped a little peanut butter out of the jar with my finger. It’s that kind of a day.

    • Janelle, we are both playing with Peter Pan today. It is that kind of day isn’t it?

  • Elsie

    Sometimes I don’t like the responsibility of being grown up, but I don’t want to be a kid where I can’t make my own decisions. I’m in charge of me so I guess I’ll be responsible (most of the time).

    • Elsie, I completely forgot about how wonderful it is to make my own decisions. I will be like you and be responsible, most of the time. Today is a day to color outside of the lines.