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Cry out to Jesus

Somedays I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. Coming up for a breath of air for a few minutes before I sink again. Sink again into my past where my burdens overcome me, and keep me from joy. I know there is hope and forgiveness. Help for the broken-hearted. He heals […]

Important advice if you are a typist for a cat

This may not apply to you. Then again it might. Do you have a cat who lets you live with them? Does the cat like to lay right beside your computer as you are writing? Does the cat have hair? Cats shed. And some of the hair may get stuck in the fan in your […]

Make up your mind, quit moving your toaster and make a piece of toast

On my kitchen counter is a four-slice toaster. It makes toast. I keep moving the toaster. It has been  plugged in, in seven different outlets in the kitchen. I am trying to find the perfect place for my toaster to sit. As I was making my breakfast this morning, a fried egg with slices of […]

An empty milk jug on the kitchen counter ruined my day

There was an empty milk jug on the kitchen counter this morning. Someone drank the last of the milk last night and left the empty gallon container on the counter. My day is ruined. How can they be so insensitive? Why didn’t they place the empty milk jug in the recycling bin? I am instantly […]

An appointment I don’t like to make – my annual mammogram

I kept telling myself I would call tomorrow to make my appointment for my mammogram. And now it has been eight months. I didn’t want to think about it. I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.” ― Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind I called yesterday […]

Pooh Hodges, The Cat Who Writes, doesn’t feel well

Pooh, the cat who lets us live with him, doesn’t feel well. I was going to say, “My cat, Pooh.” But a person never really owns a cat. A cat allows people to live with them. They really rule us. And in this case, I am on Pooh’s staff. I am his typist. Pooh is […]

A birthday present for my daughter

Today is my daughter’s birthday. I asked her what she wanted. Perhaps she wanted a pony. Maybe she wanted a doll house or roller skates. “Mama, please don’t write today,” she said. “Please be with me today.” She wanted me. How easy it is for me to forget what is important. I wrote, What is […]

Walking to remember with Relay For Life

The cancer survivors wore purple t-shirts; each held a purple balloon. I am a cancer survivor; I wore a purple t-shirt and held a purple balloon last night. The balloons represented the fear of cancer returning. We released our balloons at the same time. Letting go of fear. The survivors walked around the track together […]

Life is messy, dogs vomit, dishes get dirty and there is always laundry

Today I have to clean the carpet upstairs. I tried to clean the vomit stains from the dog but you can still see a trace of green. The stain from the spilled root beer is still there by my bedroom door, and the cat vomit stains haven’t come out either. There is mud from shoes […]

Every dollar needs a name

Dollar bills have names, like George or Ben or Lincoln. I want every one of my dollars to have a name. Some of my dollars will have the same name, like house payment, grocery, or electric bill. When my dollars don’t have names by choice, they get names by impulse. Four dollars last week were […]